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Now at 75 degrees than reading the same and hang up 86 in Natick, 75 partly cloudy over Boston at 6 54 Taking a look now at the latest covert 19 numbers in Massachusetts, just under 110,000 positive cases since the beginning of the outbreak, 136 new cases added today, along with 11 fatalities there now 8183 people here in the Bay State who have lost their lives. DeKoven 19 and meanwhile, across the country, the Corona virus clearly out of control in certain areas. ABC is Trevor Ault has details. Some of the country's most prominent states are enduring an extraordinary surge. Florida now crossing 200,000 confirmed cases. It's 10,000 today alone, accounting for 20% of new cases nationwide. In Texas, the state sets records for new cases and hospitalizations on Saturday. In California, the Los Angeles County health director now requesting hospitals implement decompression plans, saying they might not have enough ice to you beds for an incoming surge, while in Arizona hospitalizations have already hit a record high. FDA commissioner Dr Stephen Han sidestepped questions about President Trump's claim that 99% of Corona virus cases in the U. S air quote totally harmless. The president's analysis on the Fourth of July comes as the death toll in this country Fast approaches 130,000 CBS.

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