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What is the remedies you better? Clare's better play better better get some new players. Is. How do you do it? And for me, you have create early in the game. Doubt and Aaron Rodgers mind which have a whole lot of during a whole lot of times. Aaron. Rodgers doubts himself I assure you or doubts his team but you've got to do it early if he comes out and has a great first quarter, you're screwed big big time. Big Time. So I I was trying to think, okay what's the rent? Well, you hit it. Do, we got personnel that can do what Tampa did, and then you can continue to respond in score on their defense. Yeah. Maybe get a quick pick six a quick change turnover at midfield fumble where you strike quick with your own touchdown the problem is. This guy doesn't have these like I said once able to picks. Like I said yesterday it's been four years since he's picks in a game you think you think about that. Do you blinken most quarterbacks with two picks in a game, just by a tip ball to two picks in a game and for him I don't know. I got a blueprint. The problem is the blueprint. Doesn't have the foundation to build the house yeah. Per makes sense perfect example. Read Matt Tom we say the the. You're laughing at Aaron got a blueprint dope blueprint to build this house. But yeah, blueprint looks at Danny unless you ain't got the money to put the House up, right? Yeah. They don't have to bloop blueprints. Fine. Ain't got the the money to put the foundation of the box last week. Hit Aaron Rodgers. Thirteen Times right box. Great Defense. The Falcons who are more consistent with the Texans in terms of overall team pad and defense wise bad could be evasion. They hit Aaron Rodgers. Once. So. That's the turnout form right? The bad lost thirty two sixteen. Okay. So you lose by two touchdowns and Just going to look and see what Rogers did in the actual game. That's the twenty seven thirty. Pretty. Good. Yeah. So I mean. The Vikings and other the. He did Williams them don't hit a great quarterback you got. It, it's you don't live. Do you don't hit an average? Screwed. He's been sick seven times a year total that you don't need an average quarterback and one of them were in the last game right? You don't. You don't get an average quarterback they'll beat you hit a good one. You're in trouble you don't hit a great one. Light out they'll deliver party hats. And that's what he's capable of doing. All right. We will continue to discuss this Aaron Rodgers Pete Doherty in about fifteen minutes I if you guys out there have an answer. Honestly. It's funny when you ask for an answer, there's not a whole lot of people have an answer right? If you got one, what's your hope? What the? Texans this week against Green Bay a one in five team are you still in the playoff hopes? What does this week mean to you or is it just whole home? It's the packers Aaron Rodgers were screwed. How do you feel about it? Seven three to five, seven, ninety I'll tell you I feel about Soda Weight Loss. S. O. T. A. stands her state of the art. All right want to lose weight pride. Ego. Listen. There's there's a trigger mechanism for all of us. It tells us what we want do. Clothes don't fit as well. That's the only disadvantage of Soda..

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