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Locked back there so true. All right. Well Yeah. So save some stories Matt. Know. But This is actually our first time interacting through voice I mean there's been some email exchanges but. So, you actually had a huge impact on the trajectory of our business. So you you had a podcast I believe it was one where Mike Dillard interviewed you and you guys talked about the concept of platform building build a big platform focused on building the platform, and then once you built it, then you can monetize by selling affiliate products or even taking equity and people's companies right and we heard that podcast I listened to the whole thing. I actually took notes on the podcast told. The podcast sent him my notes that I took on the podcast and that sort of shaped what we did with our business model we decided let's go and build a podcast. Let's build a huge audience once we have a huge audience, then we can go and leverage that audience into sort of rev share advisory deals, things like that into other companies, and that's literally what we've done over the last we've been in business together for thirteen years but. That's the last four years of our business is growing this podcast building the platform, and now we've actually got equity positions in two different software companies that has been pretty lucrative, and that was sort of something that that interview that you did with Mike. Dillard sort of drove us on that trajectory. That's great and my favorite part of this story is that you took legitimate notes because like every every cheesy webinars starts with my WanNa grab a pen and. On today's on today's lesson. Yeah. So the fact that you actually did makes me really happy that's great. I'm so glad that was impactful for them. So gladys been lucrative for A. Better actually in new thing, we take notes because of his notes from your podcast with Mike. We now take notes on every single episode that we do to. Actually Avenue Take Right now listening to this fabulous baseball discussion is probably going to make its way into some note. To a newsletter all this stuff. So it's what is your note takers name Sue..

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