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Significant for today's car buyers because it's the last big push for the manufacturers, the most important thing for the manufacturers market share and every little bit counts. And this is the last big push. And champ they have to increase it at the end of the year. We've all heard about the light up. The holiday sales event tells what's happening at the century Kia dealership this week. Well, it's known that everybody can get a good deal at the end of the year in what's unique for us. This year is most of our two thousand eighteen models already gone. Whereas most eaters are trying to get rid of the remaining eighteens. We're pushing the nineteen already so you can buy a nineteen at the same low prices. You can normally get a over eighteen. It's no secret key is a great job on the key stinger. But are there any other Kia models that are getting some faceless or twenty nineteen or some new models rolling out that has your team really excited? Actually, it's going to be a big year for Kia this year the canine hundred which is their premier luxury car was just introduced at the end of the year. We're just getting our first couple into stock now, which is just a spectacular vehicle. Also, the sole gets completely redone this year, that's our bread and butter car. And with the redesign of that model, they've not lost the integrity. What makes the sole popular across all demographics? But instead just improved it with a new look, and we're expecting big things from that model. The other big news for Kia this year, no pun intended. Has our full size sport utility called the telluride. This is going to be a vehicle that can tow six to seven thousand pounds. Okay. And a market that we've never been in before with third seat and top.

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