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For me to be able to talk about Matt Is. He's not a guy that's maxed out. You know some of these guys you know they're not GonNa get any better you know to me. Matt Burke is still on the rise and he hasn't even come close to Maxon outwear his ability can take him so You know I read some of the comments that You know the Joe Joe said today said I don't date for for a long time and I agree one hundred percent with exactly what they were saying about Matt and And I think that They understood you know the kind of player that they were going to get the value. That was air when he was available and Like I said I think it's just a great situation. You know for him and what they're looking for him to do and you know they're going to end up reaping reaping the benefits Matt Scott. To just you know do all the things he wants to you know. I had will be coached. We'll BEDIA UCONN won. We'll got drafted by the giants and you know will was a little bit more athletic but same type of guy you know. That will wasn't a finished product you know and the same thing you know out of that and knows it's not You know that's not an indictment on him. I think it's a IT'S A. It's a positive for him. He just hadn't played a whole lot of football. And it is body's gotTa get you know even mature of even more where he's going to become a bigger and stronger and he'll even be more dominant and like I said just with The more reps the more coaching That he gets He's going to be that much better with his technique..

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