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Nobody sat down for two years. Squirrels. How long did you? When you do stand up. I do a buck thirty eight just I do. I'm one of the best shows you ever one of the best live shows you will ever see. Now, I can't talk from. I can't talk about you know, five years ago. I probably didn't have the best show. Well, it was five years ago. Two thousand fourteen was getting there. I will say I will say two thousand and sixteen is really started heating stuff up. Swat stand up. Goes. I got comfortable like I'll talk about it. Well, I've seen you and. Yeah. Yeah. And it's it's a great. That's what I said before. I mean, I I love. Kevin pollock. It's you know, it's just impressions. I mean, that's not knocking it'd be great actor and all that stuff. Right. You've got the whole thing, man. That's really I'm doing a special this year. I'm a shoot that. I'm supposed to do it in London. I'm supposed to do it in London. I would love to do it over there. But that I think risk. You speak English. Get any talk funny. I mean, we all speaking. Twin with them. I feel like I feel like after this special comes out man, the narrative will change and what you're saying. Everybody will start saying that's great. I don't know it yet. They just a no the. They just know me from. Oh, yeah. That's that's the impression guy didn't have personality. And you just got and it just not blowing smoke up your skirt here. But you people like you everybody just I if people everyone I've talked to this match you like you and comes off on stage. And that's you know, you can't invent that man likability, man. And then likeability and precision. Yeah. You know, what's interesting too is like being African American and doing accident. I haven't maybe a handful of my life people can do impressions of black. Celebrities. I'm not I'm not African Americans. Raven Simone impression..

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