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And it's about shut up. That's the next battle that Zen battle all along here, by the way, that is the next battle Thistles, the bench bureau show home of Ben Shapiro. Okay, ABC, Los Angeles Orange County Cumulus Station. Right. Can't ABC News at four o'clock? I'm Kevin Trap. The Los Angeles County Fire Department is experiencing a drastic decline and the test positivity rate and the number of individuals out sick with covert. 19 chief Darryl Osby credits the vaccine shot, which he says is being accepted inside his department at a rate nearing 75%. Parents across California are pressuring state officials to get sports programs back up and running. Aubrey Aquino reports They held hundreds of rallies across California this weekend. Frustrated parents want a seat at the table. They want the governor and state officials to hear their call for their Children to get a chance to play again. Tina Watts is a mom of two student athletes at Rockland High. She rallied for local high school communities to come together and be heard. We have a massive issue, and if we just if he could trust Take action. Now, if our governor and California department public health could just look at the evidence that we have, and we could maybe salvage some of these kids and get them back to the fields where they belong, ultimately want says they just want the opportunity to try and show they can do this safely. Federal authorities are on the lookout for a stolen military vehicle. The FBI is looking for a military Humvee stolen Friday from the National Guard Armory in Belle. $120,000 Camera Flies combat vehicle is upgraded up armored and carrying Ah potential 10 year prison sentence for the thief, the bureau's offering a $10,000 reward for info leading to the recovery of the Humvee. Gymr. Okay. ABC NEWS The New York Times says Rudy Giuliani will not represent President Donald Trump at a second impeachment trial, James flipping reports. It's so not really clear what happens with second impeachment of President Trump, as some reports indicate the articles wouldn't be delivered to the Senate until the 1st 100 days of Biden's presidency. And some argue impeachment is designed to remove a sitting official and as such can apply to a former president either way That Times article argues Trump's advisers hold both impeachment proceedings against Giuliani. It also says there's frustration over his decision to discuss Trump's possible Senate trial. During a TV.

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