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Mornings with Gail live and local from the auto collision specialist studios alright well as a things ramp up but when it comes to. The tragic of supreme. Court. Justice Ruth. gator. Excuse me Ruth Bader GINSBURG and president trump's plans to announce a nominee this week and Mitch McConnell's plans to take it to vote. Well, who will president trump's likely nominee beat two names have emerged from that list of Supreme Court contenders judges, Amy Coney, Barrett in Chicago and Barbara. LAGOLA in Atlanta are said to be at the top of that list. Now president trump told him Carolina rally crowd. Saturday night that he intended to nominate a woman to succeed. Ginsburg who died Friday at the age of eighty seven this after a battle with pancreatic cancer trump said of his potential choice. It will be a woman a very talented, very brilliant woman I think it should be a woman. I actually like women much more than I like men leave at the president trump? Barrett. Forty eight, a judge with these. Based US Court of Appeals for the seventh circuit is a conservative pro-life Roman Catholic who clerked for the late. Justice Antonin. Scalia, after she graduated from law school, the New Orleans native was appointed by trump to the seventh circuit in two thousand seventeen. She previously taught law at the University of Notre Dame for fifteen years but had no judicial record at the time. This cording to the Washington Post. She believes in originalism textual ism the idea the judges should interpret the Constitution as the founding fathers intended during her confirmation hearing to the seventh circuit she said, she wouldn't let personal religious beliefs affect her judicial decisions and would consider rulings like Roe v Wade binding precedent although experts, some experts have said she would likely support. Overturning it again, I'm according to The Washington Post Lagola fifty two on the other hand has a rather extensive extensive judicial record. Miami native was a nominated in two thousand six by then Governor Jeb. Bush to Florida's Third District Court of Appeals where she served for more than a decade before being elevated briefly to the State Supreme Court last year trump nominated her. To the atlanta-based US Court of Appeals, for the eleventh circuit and she was easily confirmed Lagola is a member of the conservative Federalist Society and is backed by Florida governor. Ron. Santa's. But some have questioned her conservative credentials especially on abortion this according to political politico she's also a Roman. Catholic and of Cuban descent six, fifty, seven, now thirteen, ten K of K. The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. Six hundred, nine, thirteen, ten, Kfi a thirteen, ten, k. f.. A. Dot com coming up one US wounded veteran. Seeking out about his image being used across all social media platforms without his permission, I might add to further perpetuate a story he believes is false and made up by Democrats for Political Gain Bobby Hoenlein joins us this morning at seven, oh five ABC News and then local news coming your way in just a few thirteen ten kfi Qa, Greeley Loveland Fort Collins Evans Longmont closing in on seven o'clock ABC News I'm Alex..

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