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Mojo in the morning. It is time now for break-up or make-up this is where you play marriage counselor in this case because these guys are married they've been married for Becca what is it. Is it been eleven years right now that you guys been married eleven years okay. So i'm gonna. I'm gonna pull up your husband right now on the phone because i want him to be able to have his voice on this too. Okay danieli there. Okay all right break up or make up so beca just recently. Something was exposed in your relationship. Something was was brought out in your relationship. We tell us in the listeners. What what it was A little background. I i guess I used to have a friend that she was just like extremely toxic And i say friends her longer. Than i said i'd probably but You know a little over a year ago. I finally just cut her out of my life. Because i realized you know what a horrible person she was basically And she still like pets at me and so she reached out to me a couple of times and a couple of months ago She told me that she and my husband had had an affair like earlier in our marriage. Like.

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