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Welcome to the middle of the month the beginning of the week and what a weekend it was and we have a lot to talk about some great guests will drop by. We'll talk about everything that is happening right now in college football and in particular around the SEC and there were some huge stories. Let's begin with the dogs. How about them dogs are so on top after going to starkville? And dismantling the bulldogs. It was a very impressive performance for stetson Bennett and company. And we have an SEC matchup in Atlanta arty peg, not the one we predicted back in July. We have Georgia in LSU. That's the number of appearances that the respective schools have made, Bama, Florida, Georgia, and LSU, their usual LSU had to win and all miss had to lose for them to quench and that's exactly what happened. Nick Saban smiling like a shear cat after one of the bigger winds of the year holding off lane kiffin's old miss rebels at the wire. Blake Todd Myers saying, oh miss can not lose lane kiffin. Now when the rebels are this close, do you agree? Not everyone at once. Auburn. Now, how about this story? For those who don't understand the meaning of go crazy Cadillac, that was when he I think it was an 80 yard touchdown. In the iron bowl and the broadcaster just started screaming, go crazy Cadillac, go crazy. Rod bramlet was on the call there. The late and great rod bramwith and it was one of the most exciting calls in auburn history and Cadillac is still going crazy. The talk of auburn now will the auburn boosters do what many fans want them to do and say we don't care about lane kiffin or Hugh freeze or any of these other guys. We want one of our own, that is going to be an interesting story. And we'll follow it very closely this afternoon. Oh, by the way, we forgot to mention who the opponent was on Saturday night, it was Jimbo Fisher. No. Yeah, Jimbo blames execution. Not schemes for offensive struggles. In case you missed have not been paying attention, that was the pre season number 16 in Americas. 7th loss do the math. They're not going to a bowl game. And this, to me, was the story of the weekend. Clark Lee finally winning an SEC game fourth of the year for Vanderbilt. Who did they beat? Kentucky. The cats. I thought the cats were so hot. Remember Mark stoops? Take it on John calipari. Think again. These are some of the longest losing streaks in the conference, swanny, used to call that the university of the south. They once were in the SEC. Vanderbilt, yeah, they all started 6th straight and were you wonder why they're not in the SEC any longer, Vanderbilt still around. They lost 33 during the 70s. Congratulations to Clark Lee. And that was an exciting win. Considering they did it in Lexington made it even more special. So what are we going to do here today? We are going to talk about going crazy Cadillac. Ronnie Sanders, the publisher of auburn uncover. Undercover, we'll get his take Bill Conley. And then Spencer and Richard will join us as well. Until then, your phone calls at 855-242-7285. Let's start with John and Louisville. Hey John. Yeah, I'd buy the Cadillac given that all the other candidates lost this past weekend. Oh, I forgot, yeah, Hugh freeze lost to who do they lose to? Connecticut. Superpower in the east. You're trying to get your first SEC job since you were showing the door at all miss. You beat Arkansas. You're not supposed to lose the Yukon, man. Yeah. Paul, I'm going to ask you about TCU, but first, let me give you the good bad and ugly from the weekend. A good Alabama wins. So legend is going to be a happy caller, more like el Mont gantry less like Willie stark. The bad Alabama wins in Paul feig keeps getting the question, what are Alabama's chances for the CFP? They're not dead yet. And a question. Stop it. And of course the ugly, I think you've covered it, AMM losing. And by the way, the 12th man at a and M has announced he's going to put his name into the transfer portal. That's funny. And let's be honest. I think Jimbo Fisher sitting in his office with all those papers with different schemes is peering over his reading glasses and going, you know what, that John guy pretty funny. And I should have mentioned the word execution. Kentucky, obviously Mark stoops is may have hit his ceiling. I think when he talked about basketball school and losing the Saint Peter's, I think he told Perry hold my deer. That was a dreadful loss. It really was. So here's the question, Paul. Do you see you? You were pretty high in them losing last weekend or the, what do you think their chances are now? Double down and say they lose this weekend. CCU was really impressive. And I say that with great admiration for sunny dikes. That was a huge win and I know everybody wants to act like they don't exist, but they do exist right now. Three offensive points given up to Texas. The impressive. Yes. I look forward to the calls today. For that narrow loss. Absolutely. That's the way the game's played. Thanks, Paul. Hey, thank you, John. Appreciate it. Brad is in Florida. Hello, Brad. Good afternoon. Brad, you there. Hi. Hi. I'm here. Good. Hey, man. Oh God, I didn't hear him not to say the legend because he relevant no more. And I thought I was done, but then I heard him come on talking about Mike Griffith the other day called him a bucket head and I just couldn't help but how's the world he gonna call somebody a bucket head when he's got that big old John Travolta tank ass hit that he's rocking every day I gotta keep putting them on. That's what I wanna say legend. You're out of it, dude, y'all lost. Quick calling, son. You're like Florida. You like Florida fans. You don't hear Florida fans calling. You know why? 'cause this ain't their year. They're done. You're done. Quick call him. And I won't have to look at that tank ass head pitcher. He's got that or get a different kitchen. I won't answer this. I know he didn't know it was daddy that maybe I'm gonna help him out. Once you get past 50, you gotta quit drinking crown royal every day, otherwise you head to swell like that. Hey, thanks for calling Peterson, Savannah, Georgia. You're on the air. Go right ahead, Pete. Hey, appreciate your show. I really enjoy what you guys do for football and all the sports that are coming up. Your program is I call it verities and balderdash. All these person personalities and characters we are calling it. I don't know if it was or not, but it's close. Yeah. All this criticism of coaches, I'm kind of concerned about that, but when I came back from Vietnam, I was trying to attach department to feel artillery school and we had a full bowl colonel who was a badass and he led us with a process and he called this Bruce and that's a flat ass rule. And first rule was don't do dumb things, second was keep us informed, three was executed process and that was our reconnaissance selection and occupational position and number four was you can't teach kids students sitting on your ass. And when you put all that new process it over to football, think about the dumb plays. Don't do dumb things. Late hits, block in the back, pre snap penalties, face masks. Errors that the path in effect interception. So our

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