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Helicopter just took off from the express lanes between Dale City and dumb freeze, and they have reopened the 95 easy pass lanes to south bound traffic. But it's still slow getting south of Woodbridge and passed the rest areas may lanes were still heavy and slow to And no doubt more get away traffic coming waiting in the wings for tomorrow. Now on the Beltway, The inner loop is still slow from Tyson's to the Legion Bridge and on the outer loop. Its congested between about telegraph road in the Wilson Bridge. 66 eastbound, heavy and a stretch between Nutley Street, the Beltway westbound traffic, clearing out other crashes. Fairfax County Parkway south out after 29 heading for Braddock Road. And I'm Braddock Road west of Pleasant Valley Road under police direction at a crash inbound 14th Street Bridge slow traffic out of the freeway D. C to 95 north out very heavy, leaving northeast into Maryland. That's because of a new crash on the Baltimore Washington Parkway between Route 50 and 202. On the parkway and 95 between the Beltway's slowdowns and separate stretches remain route 50 heavy to go north on. I 97 also slow eastbound toward the Bay Bridge. I think they discontinued two way traffic, so it's two lanes and two lanes and westbound traffic is really heavy right now getting off of three Oh one to go west toward the narrows and toward the Bay Bridge, So it would seem likely that they're trying to favor westbound traffic because earlier in the day there was a serious crash near the three Oh one merge, and we have not yet recovered here westbound on the Eastern Shore. Don't miss Ashley Homestore's biggest Memorial Day sale of that it's your chance to save 60% off all furniture free delivery at Ashley Home Store. Dave Don't nine w T o P. TRAFFIC the HOLIDAY weekend forecast with Mike Standiford. Great weather into the evening hours will stay breezy and warm later tonight. Look for skies to cloud up loves being the upper fifties. The lower sixties. Good deal. Cloud cover on Friday is a warm front comes away showers and a few thunderstorms in the afternoon, and some of the stores may turn severe..

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