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Following week lost we'll never know or even if they beat tampa they lost twice to dallas eightyear going back to dallas without any swagger and haven't gotten beep i am twice they went in that game eight five five two one two four cbs caesar dallas which fc for it hello hello sees a how it pal uh was going on without an amendment way way on the super bowl pretensions everybody's making neighbors going for the egoism or lose dominant defense come amid so i will build chicken tom brady could last week built better chicken the defense lineman offense coordinator dal adjusted after the second half as well so what they did last year simple make adjustments yeah they tumen first second or third quarter but they can keep a close conform quarter three minutes left to match leftarm brings us all he's gonna make the police to come back um i'll let you talk and you got to take season expect a good game but at the end of the day you can't go up against brady and ballot check in the fourth quarter and yet for too many super bowls that has been the end result eight five five two one two four cvs so coming up next we've been doing this segment quite a bit and i am as mediocre as it gets in fact ben horowitz james cassette fell i am in he's in five hundred on the year hold onto this that a difference between a winning year at a losing year it super bowl fifty two so when we come back yours truly changed christopher ben horowitz on a lot said a week super bowl pick spread over under mvp couple prop pets you'll have it all is right here stage after dark inside on cbs sports radio ossetia photographer out who wants to do a piece on jimmy johns for her magazine what kind of peace up well you heard about a clothing optional delivery policy and the duty tell her that i could writer incident with a monetary misunderstanding yes everybody to tell her meets that are going on.

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