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You want to get to get to the real truth? I love when parents come at me. I'm like cool. I'm like, so you go home, and you go in your man cave and say some fucking stupid thing to your daughter. That's gonna actually fuck her up. Good job. I'm glad you're spending time. That's how I feel. When good parenting, come in the volume of time, somebody said, some real interesting to be that's been watching carefully older woman. She she said something about, you know, showing your kids how to live a happy life is the ultimate way to parent. Do you have a daughter? I mean, like your daughter's gonna look at how you do it. And it's going to be a real fucking impact. And you never know. Maybe it's not like there's parents that are super successful people kids because everything's going on with me. Like, look inevitably one of my kids is going to look at my mountain and be like, you know, what fuck face I'm gonna climate and be bigger than you. Right. And one of my kids are gonna be like fuck that. I'm running away. I'm going to build a nonprofit and Ghana. You just don't right. You don't know. There's too much variables. You know? So like, honestly. In that scenario for sure, but but if it's my if my daughter asked me thirty nine times about my coming to this hip hop recital. And it's a one million dollar deal at Dunkin donuts, I'm not going. I'm going to the recital. It's just making decision. Right. It's just make it right? There's just making fucking decision and then living with it. And most of all not worrying that your mother in law says you're not spending enough time with like that's just not employ the biggest. Because then I'm like what about you? Like when people judge me. Why don't we dissect everything about you? I'm glad that. That's what you think about me. What about when you did that like so every single person here does fucked up shit. Harry, Jerry investors who can take in the company without trying to drive shit without trying to navigate by giving them Pete. You just you just ask right? I never thought I would take money until I met Steve Ross because he was willing to give me equity cash at a high valuation and have zero. How do you find you ask ask around? Hey, do you want to invest? I don't. That's exactly right. Like, honestly, maybe four years ago. The right now, I'm fully like, I'm building my machine. So it's no. But I'm telling you right now six years ago, the answer would have been yes for fifteen minute coffee, and it might lead to it. It's really that. Simple. Right. Lot of people who are good sales people. They actually inherently are very comfortable with. No, that's what separates you from everybody else. Right. So you're gonna good spot. Right. Trying to track down when I'm wanna big fan. Try to find things that were invested in that look like you. In some way, and try to go that same person. Right. If you if you see somebody who's kind of like that. And and what they don't have to say. Yeah. You know, there's a lot of the other people. I really really really like right now is third generation trust fund babies if you can find somebody who's twenty to thirty three who's extremely trust funded out, and is very much in a Beezer Mykonos Vegas kind of kid they're using investing as justification that. There are an actual human being. Right. Right. So they they want it when they're on the boat with their sixteen models and bottles. They want to be like an investor. So your perfect for them because they need to put something in and their perfect for you. Because they don't give a fuck because they didn't make that money in the first place. True. I once told that to somebody they went to and got their investment dead fucking serious actually think it's a great place to go. Thank you for. What you do? Appreciate it on the company that publishes magazines. Yes. So we're making money selling yes. In access to Email with people aren't reading Email, read magazines as much print not opening emails much. Should I offer new better solution? Or should I teach them that? They don't need me..

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