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Eight. If the president meant it that way, if he meant stand by, that would be wrong. That would be wrong. No matter what the nature of the group is because law enforcement needs to be left to law enforcement. So it wouldn't matter if the group was white Supremacist group was Ah local community Charity organization. A law enforcement is left to law enforcement and so you don't want to be encouraging any groups and I don't think the president has encouraged any groups to enter into the violence. Just to play the devil's advocate. I mean, in many areas, isn't it? The case where The police are being told not to engage with violent protests or are purposely not engaging. Well not, you know, as I should remember, for example. Okay, take take Denver. Denver has an awesome police force Fantastic Police force, but Lousy leadership has has a lousy mayor who is undermining Denver police. Obviously the Hancock administration, you know, cause the police to stand down during that back the blue rally, but fortunately, a brave lieutenant rose up, defied the order and minimized. I won't say minimized but lessened the carnage from the hand Cock administration's decision to feed these lawful Folks to the mob. Eso. Yeah, but But listen, and that's where we get into the critical distinction in my mind, Eric, between self defense and between organized groups coming in to enforce the law. Self defense is you've got to defend yourself or other innocent people or all of a sudden there's a mob in your neighborhood, and you and a number of your neighbors have to get together. And respond to the not mob and protect your family and protect the neighborhood. That's one thing but an organized group roaming around in order to provide law enforcement. Against the lawless left. I'm not down with that. Yeah. I mean, it would be someone like a more radical version of the Guardian Angels or like I mean, what about the Guardian Angels? Are you down with them? Oh, man. It's been so many years since I've even thought about the Guardian angels. I'd have to see what they look like. Now, Eric last points here is I want to keep it moving because lines or jam But you brought up a critical point. And thank you for that. You had mentioned something about proud boys and and I think you were saying You do not view them is white supremacist. Well, I don't know much about him annulled. Except interestingly enough. After the debate last night, I had turned the channel to Ah, University on or the the Hispanic television network, and they actually So it was that maybe it was today or yesterday, and I'm not sure, but they went out and they were interviewing a member, if not the head of that of that group, who is like black and Cuban, you know, So, uh and I, You know, I've heard other things like I really need to learn more about it. And I'm in the same boat, Eric, and I don't mean to cut you off except for the gym lines, but I'm in the same boat. I knew virtually nothing about pride boys before I've tried to do a little quick research didn't get very far. So I just don't know about proud boys real picked. And this I know. Yeah. The information Enrique Tar Eos who he was talking about, did a Spanish interview on Univision and he is bilingual. He is the National Proud Boys chairman, and he's also serving as the Florida state director of the political support group Latinos for Trump. And I've got to tell you this if Trump and this isn't an original thought, If Trump is a white supremacist, he's the worst white supremacist in human history. Okay, when you look at everything he has done To help people of color who have been so disadvantaged by democratic policies in this country. Small D Democratic Party policies If Trump is the opposite of a racist and the white supremacists racist rap is wrong, and it's backwards. In fact, one thing I want to talk about when we have more time is who the true white supremacists are because you have two categories of white supremacists, right? You have the one category which is your typical Cretan loser, ignorant, hateful white supremacists who thinks he's better than everybody else because he was born white. What a loser and then you have the other white supremacist, which is the policy, white supremacist. And the policy. White supremacists are these people who go out and and you look at all these prominent lefty's in the Democratic Party who pursue these policies that they know are going to keep black people down and robbed black people of opportunity. And and these policy, white supremacists, it do even more her. And and those people are elected all these different democratic offices. So let's be honest about the really white supremacy. The Cretan loser white supremacists, They're awful useless. A policy white supremacists are just his batter. Worse. Gina and Aurora, you're on the day in capitalist show Welcome. Hey, And how are you today? I'm fired up. How about you? I was fired up when I left out a laugh today. It was almost like a hangover. But you know, once you think about it, trump that's who I won't fight for me. That's why I won't fight for my country. Just like he was up there. Yeah, he couldn't let AH Fighting, talk and fumble over herself, and eventually, he probably would have said if you went but you went on your right. The more you like. Biden talked to better But let me ask you this, Gina. Did the fighter thing I get, and I think that's great for America. But aren't you concerned that he came in too hot and he went too far, risking his chance to get re elected and be able to keep fighting for America. You know what? I just don't believe that. I believe that we we He didn't We? He messed up. He did. Okay, but I don't believe he lost one boulder. You know that's my holding that? Well, no, I mean, obviously Tina in the real world, he with an aggressive performance like that he's going to lose some people. The question is, did he gain as many as he lost or gained more than he lost? So we're talking net here and I hope you're right. Well, some people I'm talking to, they said. They just hang on for neither one up. Well, that's that's interesting. Yeah, And some some of them are saying that but, you know, I think in the end we're here fighting for our country. And if you're a person that don't vote or refused or vote for biting The racist. That's what he is. He's the races OK they were talking about. He's certainly a policy racist. Oh, my God. 1994 Times, Bill. No. Letting people out from that crime bill it Gina. Tremendous call is always from you. I do hope you call us every single day. But But there's no question Biden is a policy racist. I'm not saying he sits there and as awful thoughts about black people, you know, because he just hates black people. I don't think he does. But he is willing to support all these policies that decimate the black community and deprive so many black people of true equal opportunity in life Check and gold. Jack Holden, I'm so sorry. This gentleman has held a long time from Fort Collins. Bill. You're on the damn capitalist show Welcome. Thanks. I'm just making a comment on the fact that the the White House press conference this morning turned into a nother debate with the press. Media Just tryingto overwhelmed the conversation about Kaylee one. It feel it make me feel as if they are either stupid or ignorant or Part of the bias because In Time Magazine of August of 2017. Trump was quoted as saying. Exactly and.

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