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Com, he hosts the outstanding Clemson dub cast podcast. And of course, he is the author of Clemson, tough, guts and glory under Daboh Sweeney. Please welcome back to the show, Mr. Larry Williams, sir. How are you? Hey, man, great to be with you. Enjoy your podcast. Thank you. You know, you are on the podcasts like six years ago. I went back and check the last time you were on with us was way back when in twenty twelve well, I shudder to think that some of the questions, and I shudder to think it probably some of the answers, I gave given the different state of the Graham now compared to then walk me through how the program has changed over the last six years. Well, where we last tall I'm assuming that was well either before or during the twelve season. And so you're in the first year and Brinson Ables. And he was struggling they were not near what they are. Now, they I mean, they get forty eight points ANSI state that year believe like sixty sixty to forty eight they got just dragged up and down the field late, Florida state, and they really were still known as. Sort of that Tommy Bowden type roller coaster man that could could bag some big wins. But would fall on their face. And they they were just several months removed from seventy to thirty three against West Virginia in the Orange Bowl the narrative after that the buckle sort of nationally was boy, it's going to take them a long time to recover from this. And so the year later that went over LSU in the in the chick fil able was so big. There was a feeling that they just can't hold up against some of these SEC heavyweights. So not many people thought they were going to be able to hang with LSU, let alone and so they did they they won that game. And then in the thirteen opener Georgia goes to Clemson with Todd Gurley. Remember that game? Very great game. Sure. Yup. And so here's how I sort of view it in the LSU game Atlanta the defensive line owned that game. It was a bunch of young defensive like, Grady, Jared Beasley and Corey Crawford while staking. Yeah. And so then against Georgia even though Georgia put up thirty five in that game. If you go back and watch Clemson defensive line controlled that game. And so. Always even under timing. Bowden always had. Elite skill guys. Right true. But where they really turned the corner is when they started getting big time players on the defensive line. And so that's really where they got the level where they could they could go toe to toe with with the heavyweight. So you mentioned the defensive line. And you know, I mean, we're covering fifty games a week here on the podcast. And for me. I'm always trying to figure out what is teams identity. That's gonna help me understand what they're all about. My thirty thousand foot view of Clemson is that their defense is gonna kill you in the trenches because of that front four and they're going to set up an offense that is increasingly more balanced as the pieces around Trevor Lawrence Trevor warrants himself develops. I've I've kind of referred to casually like an upscale Michigan is that a fair assessment of who. Who Clemson is team? Well, I think so I don't watch a lot of Michigan. But I would say defensively. Yes. Offense, really, Michigan more traditional, I guess. Whereas Clemson dating back to the days Chad Morris, and they were really cutting edge when Morris for Scott here because in the there was nobody else doing the the tempo. The hurry up. No huddle stuff that he brought from Tulsa crimson is more conventional than they used to be. But only conventional because everybody else is doing what Clemson used to be innovative doing if that makes any sense. Sure, sure. But they're still a spread offense. And I still have a lot of bells and whistles a lot of I candy. And so I would I would I guess consider them different from Michigan in that respect. I mean, maybe I don't know maybe a little like Florida state during the during the ninety s. Offensively. And in fact, that's what this feels like Clemson in the ACC. So it was like Florida state in the ACC in the nineties when the Seminoles were like seventy two or something ridiculous. Like that. When there was just no hope. To to Detroit on them..

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