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And well well crew because of you know the mouth players of come through the crew academy look at danny murphy you look at gareth whalley you look at so many players you've couve sold in o on fall for money as a few as a lot more david platt is there's laws and i said that was the way with crew to you learn your football at crew and then i think there's a realization of the senior professional is that that is the way the crew done it so who's the next one going to obey you talk the who's the next one off the conveyor belt under in i was nowhere near noah need it for a year now saw am i going to be a football affair asking a question earlier i honestly thought i was eight math stole wet through so gone from plan from boys my my own age fred to them play with fourteen stone men with beards and i was an now stones skinny kid plain different kind of football and it was like this is this is there i'm not going to be a football and that would justify in this desire for me to say no i'm gonna pay i'm going to be and it was is it look is it achieved because there's different pathway fetzner as a as a laugh you can you can take a different roles in i stayed on the road of not drinking you're not going out been totally professional an end i sacrificed a lot to get where i wanted again and good for you rub the did for it fraternal saskia you've talked about your influence on the england dressing room when you will one of the best players in the world and you'll mood could bring up old take down the team in you will very visible has a presence in the dressing room budget would be really interesting to know you will do in this podcast when you're young person just through adolescence going into the dressing room at lancashire england and you weren't the top dog.

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