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And then a double nomination for Kevin debris. I his pass to Ricky sterling for his second goal throat. Just you couldn't put into into actuality a representation of threading the needle better than that. I can't understand how he gets that ball so perfectly. But he kind of also does himself on his run up into the assist to Cerro Guerra where he pulls. Messy. I'm going left. I'm going, right. You have no idea. What's happening only, Phil Jones. Good explode in this moment in front of me. And then just lays it off perfectly guero to blast it into the net. I I don't even know what to do with this category. Yeah. You could tell that Aguayo goal. Debris. No went to celebrate. With the guero that he kinda like stone cold killer. Look like, yeah. I just feel the game. That's it. I'm unstoppable goes into Bruin that here because he's just he was the unsung hero. If you will of the Manchester United or mentioned city match. He really was just absolutely pulling the strings incredible. Yeah. If you had to give it to the assist or I mean, they're both assists. But would you give it to the the cross low cross or the run-up up? Yeah. Me too. I think me too because he's just like it was watching it. And I thought it was like watching messy. It was like the ball at his foot was just I mean, he could do literally anything he wanted with it. It was unbelievable Kevin debris. I mean, so close to just being like, I feel like the world absolute best player. If you could just dominate a little bit more dominated match, they healthy that to of course. Those are my those are my special wards read anything anything else that you think I missed. No. I think I think you covered it here back. All right. I appreciate that nation of of of the batch and everything to go with it. I was feeling inspired by cities loss, you know, just brought the life back into. I was ready to shut down the podcast yesterday with United out and cities loss. I dunno. It reinvigorated me. Energy to take it through to the final. But before we get to the final read. We gotta get through the semifinals. And so we gotta talk predictions baby Tottenham versus I XE Barscelona versus Liverpool. It's just one of those things where you almost feel like there's an easy. You know? I mean, there's I feel like you'd have to be pretty biased not to feel that Barcelona Liverpool in the semi-finals is watching a final into semis. Do you agree? Yeah. The best of the of the remaining games. Thankfully, we've got two legs of it. Which is actually kind of nice because if the final we only get one, that's that's point. That's fair that so yeah, I I'm. The two best teams of the tournament. I think I think there's a lot of a lot of storyline draw got Cotino against his old team. We Suarez against his old team. I you've got the sort of the old guard that is Barcelona, you know, the best team in the last ten years versus the team that represents sort of the the next step the bind to be that new best team in the world whether or not they get there. They have to go through the team with the best player in the world on it. So my buddy here is is Barscelona. I wanna ride them to the final. So you're predicting Barcelona over Liverpool. I hadn't even thought about the Coutihno Luis Suarez return to and field..

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