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Know. I mean and i felt like it was important to the truth of who. This young woman is a would be to have that space to. Were you allowed to to sort of drive. Which a character was or did you have to have like a conversation with the disney people. Because i you know. I would think that at least when you're dealing with hollywood superpower like that. They're always thinking about middle america and we don't want to scare them off in the sort of thing so yeah no. I wasn't worried about middle america She's from new orleans. So i was worried about new orleans and She is me. So i was worried about representing you know who we are and they wanted to be as true to form as possible the did and so i was given the space to say you know. I don't think this would be. This doesn't really make sense to me for this reason. Or the other and i was hurt when i said those things. Now mind you. I didn't write the story so it's not like the necessarily the story was going to change. But if i said that something culturally didn't sit well. Or if. I said that i know we had a big talk about the The scene in the think. I'm free to save us. The scene in the swamp where When princess diana was a frog. Still and levine was a frog and they were being hunted and there was when we first do that scene. My concern was. I said what we don't want in. This scene is for it to feel like a slave hunt because you know blackhawks always went to think about him. Feel that feeling when you've got these real was good word like hit white dudes with two teeth and a net and dogs drama and after us traumas portent to have the tone of that scene correct and we talked about it and i talked about and they were like. Oh you're absolutely right. So it made a difference in how that moved in the words that were used in how chase happened. And i'm and. I'm glad that i was working with a group of people that was sensitive to that. Who were who were open to hear that and you would think well of course they will because they wanna make some money. But you'd be surprised amount of times that people don't listen to you as you were saying it to you. I was thinking to myself. They listen. I was wondering if anybody never looked like you though that was helping to write that story. But i'm guessing that's why you had to provide that.

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