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Waterford on the patriot I might go ahead Hey John how are you I'm well thanks I'll I'll let her I just thought it's amazing are you going to get over we'll get through this well we've gotten through a lot of stuff in this country but the one thing that we haven't killed the virus we haven't killed a socialism the star with Karl Marx over a hundred and sixty years ago and all it's done is permeate our world and made it worse and worse and worse and these people but the people in the Democratic Party they've caught this virus and they are going to get rid of it it's just amazing R. well I don't think that a lot of get fully rid of it they want to maintain many of the the limits that it's put on society they just love this stuff I'm in and they want to keep us shut down they and that's because the trump patrons that's because of an irrational hatred deep seated hatred and it's supposedly impossible to hate something that you don't know you can't tell me all these anti Trumpers all these haters out there you can't tell me they all know Donald Trump they don't and he proves it all the time so thanks for the call Mike I really appreciate it eight hundred ninety three ninety three eighty five you see it you know if there's any politicians out there listening the folks these are a radical bunch of fools out here that are upset these are people that are sick and tired of your lies and your antics governor Whitmer saying that she's got our best interests at heart images given contracts out to buddies for stuff we don't need or Nancy Pelosi saying this Congress is interested in working together with the Republicans and making things happen for the people of the United States while she holds up relief for you and for me and for others hold up relief for them based on contributions to the Kennedy center where you're never going to be big enough important enough or person enough as far as they're concerned ever get invited to go are you push you can't go there but we make it possible through donations from people like Nancy Pelosi's district and then our district and then the entire country we make it possible for the holy to Jews to go to the Kennedy center give me a break his time in Detroit on the patriot ida Hey Tom I don't have time to stick around there Jim Clinton township you're next on the patriot go ahead Hey John the the mask is your businesses should be allowed to open up do you want to come in where mass you can make a my voice made a bunch of them in what all they do is stop the fluid from jumping from one person to the other near mostly effective is far as Michigan two thirds of the state is fairly safe it's only in the southeastern part of the of Michigan so the rest of the state should be open like any other state there's there's only three or four real big here hot spots in the United States led to all the states open up except for the hot spots and if they wanna are are continue to passes disease to each other well they'll kill each other offer or whatever the case may be but we can't close down the economy in the United States we we have to make a move on and we can't wait for the politicians to do it we're going to have to do it ourselves well I appreciate your call Jim thank you very much and you're absolutely right you can't wait for the politicians and it's really unfortunate for those of us who really believe in the system it's really unfortunate that the system can't do they can't I don't care how much Mitch McConnell wants to nine question that sometimes I don't know how I I don't care who wants to the system is big bloated and broken and not able under current system to handle emergency and it's proven and they prove it each and every day and I'll tell you something else I think the people are getting a little tired of the left wing media I don't know it's just a feeling and getting because CNN and then and and MSNBC and others are starting to softened a little bit that's a word I'll use because what Scarborough listen to this trump is on the wrong side of the American people on just about every issue now that is the way people think who are on the losing side of just about everything they tell themselves because their friends all say well trump's on the losing side of that one in reality is not and you talk about immigration he's on the right side there you talk about well ninety percent how many people are how many times how many issues do you remember where ninety percent of the people were in favour or against it where ninety percent of the people on one side or the other there are several like that now mainstream issues and what's gonna happen is after election day those numbers are going to come out and they're gonna bite a lot of people where they do not want to be bitten quick break and we'll get right back eight hundred ninety three ninety three eighty five it's eight hundred nine two three W. 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