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Having break issues, heads, the jiffy load. We've got you covered. We've also got you covered when it comes to oil change. Thanks the TENs oil synthetic motor-oil getting back on the road and Japie will leave worry behind. They are perhaps the two leading contenders to win the Kentucky Derby. Bob Dole riot cannot spying tangling spectacle of the rank rice place. We'll take stock of where we are on the derby trail, including a recap of the San Felipe showdown of McKinsey and bolt the Euro Plus anything you can do. I can do better. A study shows that female jockeys perform just as well as males do win races. What does this mean? We'll have all that in more on this edition of in the game. Very early in the game there in the gates better. Rush. This is in the gate ESPN's thoroughbred racing podcast. My name is Barry Abrams. You can follow me on Twitter @ be Abrams, voiced brunt Facebook at Barry Abrams boys. You can also get us on our YouTube channel by searching in the gate podcast. You can get us on SoundCloud as well, get us in the eye, tune store or tune in dot com. You can get us on that little pink podcasts, our app on your phone that you didn't even know you had, And now you can subscribe to win the gate in the listened tab of the ESPN with a full in the gate experience subscribe. Now in the listen tab of the ESB and. It's not often that the two leading contenders for the Kentucky Derby meet this early in the season, but that's exactly what happened in the San Felipe base Stakes at Santa Anita. McKinsey Estonia lead Castalanos hooks Dora clear any ranging a forward with great purpose at the top of the stretch. And Paul Dorai lives alongside of But Kinsey in their racing tightly though oppressing in-app us stretch McKinsey fights back under these Palm Doro thought sand folly by living up to its Bellinger 16th left at McKinsey on the inside out of both thorough and us spying tangling spectacle of the rank rice place. Baltimore of again save by headline Mac game save baseball thorough enough out. I've missed you Woods have disqualified McKinsey. The top two placing names are reversed and Number One Belt neuro. Ends San Felipe Stakes victory via BQ That was the headline of a bevy of Kentucky Derby preps that put us a lot further along on the derby trail and give us a lot to think about. So to get some sense of where we are, We bring in once again our friend art Wilson of the southern California news group to help us make sense of all this so art. What were you are impressions of the showdown between McKinsey and bowl too Euro. I thought both of those just laid down at Anchor obviously, uh, two very serious probably de top to ride now of what the Shoda Kentucky Derby contenders by Adam one two in my Derby rankings going into the race and outrace certainly did nothing to sway in my opinion Either way. I thought that I was hoping that the result would, uh, would maybe separate the two But boy, if anything, it it, it it made it even closer between McKinsey in both through oral Ah, I think McKenzie going into the race had a little. A bit of an advantage with a recent c- he had won the sham stakes, uh, January six by three and a half lengths and both role because of a pulled muscle had run since the Breeder's Cup. Juvenile winning ran third and a troubled trip. And he he he just was w- one kind of knew what to expect, but he later down and those to colds just put on a show. And to me it was reminiscent of the two thousand sixteen Breeder's Cup Distaff one song bird. And Bob beholder battled all the way down the stretch hadn't had. And that was the same way that that race was in the San Felipe pay. Now this was the second time that McKinsey was involved in a controversial finish with a multi horse blanket finish across the wire the first time He was the beneficiary of a disqualification in the Cashcall future-ready at Los Alamos NATO's air. Air does McKenzie McKinsey now given his in still regard is right up to the task on his outside and a big move from the back of the pack Lawrenceville regarding swept on up the Poconos in front. McKinsey asked us step on the gas to keep going with him instilled regard McKinsey. Now these to step into what was still a major player on the outside three of them coming down the lane, McKinsey McKinsey. Just the leader is still regard between runners. Solomenly there on the outside five-three three way Friday finish enough attorneys McKenzie Somaini and still require solo. So on Wednesday, Los Alamitos Cashcall fraternity which Kinsey in still regard battling second or third a long way to the others ladies and gentleman your attention Please There is Bene disqualification the Stewarts have rolled at number three solar meaning has been disqualified from first and placed third for causing interference to number one instilled regard in the stretch. The new order of finish first five McKinsey second one instilled regard third free sold Amini. This time he got taken down. Is there a reason you think systematically that that horse ends up tight in these finishes? Do you think hurting is an issue for him? You know, no, I I just think it was just a matter of circumstance annoy in that race, who dismantle needles element of the jury on December nine. A lot of people prompted not only for new should have been shut down, but also with. Kinsey should have been d queued and that they both bothered the third-place finish terror, uh, instilled regard, But that was not the case. They, uh, they set a solemn you down and and gave him the Kinsey, the win. So it was Mike Smith hitting on McKinsey left-handed there in the last hundred fifty yards and and he came out in to me, that was the stewards is deciding a factor. Was that uh, contact at the end in the last fifty yards when, But Kinsey drifted out and hampered both Dorrell races that close nine times out of ten the stewards are going to disqualify the winner. Now obviously, we don't want to necessarily dwell too much on this one particular race were looking head towards bigger things. Do you think the fact that McKinsey has been involved in a couple of crowded finishes makes a difference when he's out there against nineteen other potential rivals in the Kentucky Derby? It certainly could. I think that's a consideration because. A lot of horses when he, you know at the quarter pull there at the top of the stretch, the winner or the the eventual winner. Both row did go in and and knock got McKenzie, hard. And then it appeared at that point. McKinsey kinda came out of bed and hit both oil now was that uh, him coming out it was it a fact that when, uh, both d'Oro when in hip McKinsey that McKinsey's hind dead and came out and it caused a kind of a chain reaction. But um, McKinsey's battle-tested now he even though he's only had uh, four races, both of those horses, I think we've got to greatly uh, benefit from outrage yesterday. I think that they're gonna put on a show next time there on it. And I think because of the Q I think you've got a budding rivalry there are also between those two golds aren't Wilson at the southern California newsgroup joining us here on in the gate Now the day after the San Felipe Bay, Bob Baffert unleashed another potential monster who might factor into the Kentucky Derby trail. It was just. In allowance wind, not a stakes race, but Watch out for justify justify in the twinkling of an eye has put two lengths on Catholics, man, followed by Sheila may timbers pasta coat of Paul comes justified by three lengths Calix ban a second on the inside of Shiva me timbers justify coming possibly act. Paul would have to race in outer space. Still feel less pressure is not yet battle-hardened but just who is the most talented, three year old to race this weekend justify a cull double limitless potential wins by six legs. Now, we've talked about the best in the west and justify may end up being one of them with not get ahead of ourselves. But let's also turned to the east, and we may have seen the best from the east or one of the best from the east. In the Gotha old time remodeled trying to pull off the absurd enticed is chasing with a determination, free drought building on the odds on an inferring, very fire there in the final furlong and ties like being is trying to get us love. All time revival a colors at at the sixteen th pole. It will be enticed sharp and victory, and wrapped up by junior Alvarado as this role home in the autumn enticed looked really good and you know, one of the trends you try to figure out when you're trying to assess who the best forces are, is what are the races out of which the most number of contenders have come and enticed finished seventh in the Kentucky Jockey Club at Churchill Downs on Thanksgiving weekend. Out of that race, The equip, the winner of the Tampa Bay Derby proviso, the winner of the risen star and others. So that seems like a live race. And here comes enticed to win. The Gotham promises fulfilled also ran in the Kentucky Giac love winner of the fountain of youth are all those horses. A not short who below the McKinsey and bowl too Euro, Or do you give a horse like enticed a real chance to step up against them? I was impressed by entice win. I was disappointed when he ran forth in the Holy Bull. And uh, but you know, he was close enough where I go I wanted to see another raise from him and he delivered yesterday in the Ghassem So uh, I know I I would definitely give, uh, given ties to shot. Uh, I wanna see his next race before the Kentucky Derby here. I don't know if he plans to run in the wood or or not, but I haven't read that yet, so. But now entice I think definitely has moved up in my ranking. I think he's a dirty contender also were really ride brand in the Kentucky Jockey Club, and he came back to win a prep race at Sunland Park the mind that bird Derby. So right now That seems like a race. Now you also have Mendelssohn the winner of the Breeder's Cup Juvenile terse. And the Breeder's Cup. Juvenile terse also looks like a race where a lot of Derby contenders seemed to be coming from which. Fine. I find a little bit hard to believe, but until. Gene domain ran in the Juvenile turf who finished sixth in the Tampa Bay Derby Catholic boy who finished second in the Sam Davis down at Tampa on the dirt. My boy Jack, who won the southwest at Oaklawn Flame away, who finished second in the Tampa Bay Derby equip snapper Sinclair who finished second in the risen start of bravado, they all ran in the Juvenile turf, And yet they all have thoughts of switching to dirt and running in the Kentucky Derby. What do you make of this? I don't know. It seems like one of those kind of a flukey years with this all happens in one year. Uh, I'm generally not a fan of suit that are very thought of as as care specialist when they run on the dirt, You know, aid. No Brian, as as numerous times tried to, oh win would turf forces in the Breeders Cup Classic and his failed each time, although their work. Cup win since his when his horses ran well. But I'm not a fan of that, and I still kinda shy away from those turf forces that, uh, or going up against a horses that are more proven on the dirt. We're definitely into the good part of the season here. We started to get into the big boys now And that's what makes it fun an arts Wilson. Thank you so much for a few minutes. It's gonna be fun going up until May. It is. I'm excited forward. We're going to take a short break here on in the gate. But when we come back actual documentation to prove that the email jockeys perform just as well as male jockeys. So why are there are so few women in the profession? We'll get into that when we come back. Yes.

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