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Uber and lift signs after college student from New Jersey's killed this is from from Columbia, South Carolina bills village produce in the South Carolina legislature to require Uber lift drivers to have eliminated signs days after police say college student from New Jersey, we take got into the wrong car was kidnapped and killed house speaker Jay Lucas immediately. Put the Bill in the calendar for Wednesday to to be debated Representative. Seth rose said the Bill was in response to the Friday killing twenty one year old university of South Carolina, students mantha Josephson a Robbins, Ville native, helping writers avoid psychos brainer. South Carolina's state rep mica Caskey said on Twitter. Continued Samantha Josephson father, her father, Seymour Josephson Robbins, Ville, vowed to work toward improving the safety of ride sharing services, quote Samantha was by herself. She's absolutely no chance. None. The door was locked child safety locks raunchy, absolutely no chance. Her father said at a candlelight vigil in Columbia police say Joseph Senate ordered an Uber ride early Friday but mistakenly got into a similar car driven by twenty four year old David role. Police say killed Josephson with a sharp object and dumped her body rolling. Skip the first court appearance and records and not show if he has a lawyer. So does it make sense? Look, this is a senseless kill killing by a disgusting heinous human being unfortunately, through the course of time human beings have been killing each other for no reason out of malice. It's disgusting. I don't know why it happens with that. Was that was unbelievably bad look. The idea that some sort of a sign on the car. Let me ask you this can a bad guy. Put an Uber sign on his car. I'm gonna say yes can a bad guy. Put a lift sign on his car. Even if he's not a lift driver just to ride around and see who call to lift and see if they can they can get somebody in and kill them that could happen to. So how exactly this the problem? Here's a suggestion. I would make to anybody. I don't care if you're twenty one year old college student, or you know, a forty year old bodybuilder doesn't matter to me if you're getting a ridesharing service, monitor them as they come to your location. Make sure you're in locating where you've got other people around. Make sure that when they pull up they say your name to you. Same every time. We got a new didn't they pull up hold on the window and say Joe? Yeah. And not only that. But I always ask. Hey, what's your name? Because if they say bogus name automatically know because apple the driver's name. Exactly. No. I'm not saying that it was her fault that she's dead a bad guy did a bad thing. And it makes me sick. And I mourn for her family. I'm on with her family aids. Disgusting can imagine I've got five daughters. I can't even imagine having said all of that we have to change our mentality. When it comes to ride sharing you have to again, let me say it again. Look in the app. See with a person is the person is in two yet. Somebody saying that they're them. It's not them. It's the first thing second thing. Make sure you you see the name and the car type on the app, it's right there when they pull up make them say your name. On the window. If they don't say, a are you Joe what you say is who you here for. Sorry, wrong guy. There are some safety step some common sense things we can do in this new age of of ride sharing which is a very good guy. No problem with ridesharing services, although lifted over appear to be extremely left-wing and liberal lift especially I won't use because they think they support Planned Parenthood openly. But having said all of that we have to put safety measures in place that we have to be we have to be on a heightened sense of alert heightened sense of awareness where we're getting into some stranger's car. I mean that to me would be a simpler thing then forcing people but signs in their cars because I'm telling you right now get off work tonight. Go out in the parking lot. I put an Uber sign on my car. And now, I get to go pick up anybody. I want to. I don't think that solves the problem. I think it's another knee jerk. Governmental reaction that probably will do anything we go to the phone lines. Some of you don't agree with me. Let me say Hello. And welcome to our RJ in Minnesota RJ. What's up got about a minute? Hey. Thank you. And I agree with you one hundred percent, but what would be the harm to having a dentist on your car because many people wouldn't know can't identify different models types of cars go, but it doesn't make sense you a hundred all the ask ask them what their name is what? Who's to stop me from putting the marker on my car? Even if I'm not an Uber driver. I get one I can make wanting to stick around there. I think that we we as the as the customer need to be extremely careful, and it's just like when I make a deal on on Craigslist or something I've done a few of those. I'll always meet them. They let me the police station wrong with that. You know what I mean? So you know, that you've got an extra layer of safety this twenty one year old young lady who unfortunately, trusted that she got in the right car and a bad guy did a bad thing. I'm not blaming her. But there certainly are steps taken. I believe that that that could ensure safety. Well, limited time can I have one more thing. I really..

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