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Four J. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Patrick Vanda. Hey, we have reported crash on moped king southbound before Northland causing major delays all the way back to one eighty three. And we have to report. It crashes heading southbound on. Thirty five one between Runberg and Palmer lane and another right after wells brands Parkway, your next traffic report is at eight fifteen I'm Patrick van with Austin's on time. Traffic cloudy today with spotty drizzle, especially for this morning, high sixty four from the weather center, I'm Heather zehr. What's in store for your business this week at Staples shopping, like a C E O? My look at those savings right now at Staples. Save like a big cheese a big shot a boss because this week when you buy one expanding file folder, you get a second. One forty percent off. Those are Vaas is savings. So start the new year right by stocking up saving big and getting organized at Staples. Where there's a whole lot in store ends due to nineteen in-store only valid on select assorted skews. It's fifty five degrees. In oak kill you can get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. No an ad from dad. Got here. Save money on car insurance. When you save money on car insurance ready. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Sounds pretty good. I think I could do more time. I think. Nailed it right now. The progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. Today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher mortgage payments at Quicken Loans. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates. So you can buy a home with certainty. It's called rate shield, and here's how it works with rate shield. You can lock your interest rate while you shop for a new home. So if rates go up, you don't have to worry. And here's the best part. If rates go down you get the lower rate with rates shield. We really have you covered. Here are more reasons why you wanna work with America's largest mortgage lender for nine years in a row now Jd power has ranked Quicken Loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination. And for the fifth year in a row, they've also ranked us highest in the nation for mortgage servicing rate shield, another way, we can save you money on your mortgage. Call us. Today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Basin. Rocket mortgage data in comparison to public data records, Rachel approval only valid on thirty per transactions. Call for cost information conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty additional conditions are exclusions may apply. Welcome to the Todd and Don show. Yeah. And.

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