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Zone but if that voice in your head is telling you need this then you need it. Check it out simple. Habit dot com slash woods as we <hes> finished brian mcclanahan week. Let's take a little time for you to recommend for people the books. You would be very happy if everybody read. Maybe maybe three or four books that would thrill so you have people actually read if everybody through wow. That's let's. Let's leave aside. Let's just just for the sake of it. Let's leave aside mcclanahan and woods books right yeah yeah that's great so i won't list that well. You know if i had to pick if we're going to different periods <hes> let's say <hes> we're going to the middle america here because that's what people wanna listen to me for that so i would recommend. They read avery craven's the coming of the civil war. It's a i've. I have you read craven's. Have you read that book on. I i am. I'm sorry to say i haven't i haven't i've always meant to okay well. I mean it's it's a s okay. I mean it's it's <hes> it's such such a fantasy for first of all craven's from the blundering generation school so he thought that all these people just we could have avoided the war. It's just cooler heads prevailed on. There's actually a theory. I don't if you've heard this but but if william seward had been elected over lincoln we wouldn't have had the war if you ever heard this. There's there's actually a <hes> believe there's a book on this now. I can't remember the title of it but seward <hes> would have would have avoided avoided the war because he was a known quantity and he would have been able to work with the south and maybe even gotten a union back <hes> <hes> so that's interesting but but craven is of this idea first of all. He has one of my favorite lines in any history book. I've ever read about the united states. It's it's the the nineteenth century was the era of sweaty people. I love that line because you just think about and we were talking about air conditioning how how har- these people worked <hes> and a matter where you were how hard it was and <hes>. I think the book is fantastic. He gets into this idea of what really caused the war. He's not necessarily he's not crow. South is not pro north. He's very interested in a very objective. Look at what's going on and <hes> i find that book great <hes> albion's seed by david hackett fischer sure everyone should read that book i did. That's <hes> i mean when you look at american history colonial history. It's a cultural history so again. It's not one of these that if you're into wars and politics politics it's not that but it describes how these four british folk ways were so different from each other in in in british north american how you had the puritans the quakers in the northeast cavaliers and kills in the south and how even then they didn't see eye to eye on virtually anything and so this is why federalism would have worked because and they all oh mentioned it we we can't have a central government we have all these different cultures and things in and they talked about this incessantly and so we don't need a central authority to tell <hes> the cavaliers telling the puritans how to live and vice versa just doesn't need to happen <hes> so i find that book fascinating <hes> gosh. Let's see another one. If i could just pick one <hes> <hes> i can give you a minute to think well <hes>. I think one that would be good if you're if you're interested in the south. <hes> bradford's remembering who we are <hes> which is a collection of essays. It's about southern conservatism in just the south in general <hes> bradford is fantastic. You can read anything by mel bradford word. I would recommend it <hes>. We haven't talked about mel bradford but it's very good <hes> richard weaver's a southern tradition at bay is very great book yeah <hes> <hes> and he's not the thing about weaver. He's critical of the south at times. Easy sees not necessarily someone who's saying the south is always right. He's critical when he needs to be and i think that's good <hes> that's four <hes> by the way when i read that book. It made me feel bad about myself because that was his p._h._d. Dissertation it reads like a book that took forty years of learning to put together right and i thought she's what hope is there for me. My my dissertation is a piece of crap compared to this sir mines. Mine's a political biography of james beard and i mean it's just not nowhere near as good. I mean it's it's just citing. Letters and richard weaver ever writes this tremendous almost manifesto right. I is or tation. It's amazing. It's like he's read everything yeah yeah. It's amazing <hes> well. I mean i it would be those four. We very good. If you just wanna read something <hes> and just go okay. We're gonna we're gonna start there anything by forrest mcdonald in fact one of my favorite britt forrest mcdonald books is his book. It's very short the presidency of thomas jefferson here's a hamiltonian writing a book on thomas jefferson and he does an awesome job with it i mean he he of course he was. He's forrest mcdonald but he says it again on the hamilton ian. I don't really like jefferson but he wrote a very nice history of jefferson's presidency. It's very how i yeah. I knew he'd written the book but i assumed it was <hes> critical well. He's critical where but he's not overly critical. <hes> so it's good and i i find it a good a good <hes> <hes> just introduction to jefferson's presidency. It's quick read. It's not hard to get through and it's it's fantastic. <hes> so i mean that would be we. We could talk talk about this route. You put me on the spot there. <hes> you know look great. Look you gave me five books. That's more than i asked for. That's fine okay yeah. Yeah i mean only approach yourself here. Yeah oh one more <hes> if you had to pick it from a mainstream historian <hes> james macpherson's cause and comrades <hes> if you're interested in the war war <hes> and of course again and i'm assuming this you know the the war for southern independence is i like to call it if you're interested in that war than that book gets into <hes> what those men on both sides were fighting for and you find that it's not necessarily what you think and this is james. Mcpherson has not by any means. I pro southern historian i mean he he really doesn't like the south but he he had to follow the evidence and he said look i can't find <hes> and <hes> there are others who fought for slavery but most of them did not they were fighting and for the founding fathers. They were fighting for liberty. They were fighting for the the the constitution. These are the things they talked about. So <hes> you know i can't find where you have this <music> overarching thing where it's just slavery slavery and slavery and this is james mcpherson not like it so you know <hes> somebody on the south writing about this. This is a mainstream as mainstream as you can get. When it comes to the war who's who's coming to those conclusions saw recommend that one too i we're going to have all these listed at tom. Woods dot com slash fourteen sixty seven remember the brian brian mcclanahan show in all things brian mcclanahan. You can find out about at brian mcclanahan dot com. That's brian with an o linked to all the brian stuff at tom. Woods dot com slash fourteen sixty seven including his outstanding mcclanahan academy where you're gonna learn an awful lot of stuff. You weren't gonna learn otherwise and you can take twenty five percent off coupon code woods at at this point anything you see that has a coupon code window. You might as well try woods. You never know maybe i advertise for them. At one time or another you might as well try. Woods can't hurt and works for the mcclanahan academy to listen. You've just spent five days with <hes> my listening audience and me and i think it's been great a lot of fun but it's <hes> major time commitment for you. You're even during the summer. You're always at work and you're you're <hes> you're busy. Guy and we're all grateful to you for doing this. Thanks so much the tom. I appreciate you have me on for the whole week. It's really been fun so <hes> hope your listeners got something out of it and <hes> they see head on over the brian mcclain hinshaw. I'd love to see him over there. All right folks. That's going to do it for brian. I am mcclanahan week. I hope you've enjoyed brian plan week. I want to tell you for those of you. Who wish you could have gone on the contrary crews this year. The cruz bob murphy and i host i every year. We have a lot of fun. Doing that and people on board have a lot of fun. We are having another one in twenty twenty but we won't be promoting for a little while because it's so far off. Normally we do it in october. This is the first time we've done it in july that was because it's alaska and october's outside the cruising season for alaska so that means it's over a year until the next one so we will be promoting it. You know some months down the road but if you want to be able to save the date and you really really want to plan ahead i just i want you to know that contract crews twenty twenty the fifth one will take place october seventeenth through the twenty fourth of twenty twenty and we have confirmed firm scott horton as special guests on board that cruise that is going to be unbelievable. Scott was was special guest on the second contra crews and it was so ridiculously memorable. He was such an amazing addition to that cruise he went above and beyond anything bob or i expected of him mm-hmm in terms of staying up late with people and interacting with people and taking part and things and just being all the all around great guy we know he is and he's going to be joining us once again. I couldn't be more delighted to announce that so just keep that the back of your mind october seventeen th through the twenty four th of two thousand twenty. It's going to be an eastern caribbean itinerary anniverary which we have not yet done and it's going to be wonderful so do please plan ahead.

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