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One two four CBS if you would like to get in on the show. My name is Sean Pendergast good to be with all of you on a Sunday evening. Still a lot to dig into break spin an eventful evening. It's always set up that way when you got playoff football going on on Saturday and Sunday. So phone lines are open to talk about the wild card round games. Look ahead to the divisional round games, gut feel on some of those. We can talk about which of the I've my question for tonight is in which the wild card winners this weekend. Dallas indie. The chargers in the eagles. Do you see pulling off an upset next week, which one is most likely bet your life on one of them who would it be eight five five four CBS? Tom dibitetto fired in Minnesota. We're talking about maybe a year and a half ago where that was viewed as a team that was finally gotten the core in place that they wanted a big man of Karl Anthony towns wings quality wings, all star wings, Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins and Wiggins not an all star yet. But a really good player. Gotta give a max deal to Jeff Teague solid point guard, and and now Tom fitted gone, he's fired wonder how much of it had to do with his handling of the Jimmy Butler situation. We we can talk about that Bryan dealt salary will join me in the final hour of the program in about oh about forty minutes from now, and we can talk about that. But as promise joining me on the show right now, he covers college football for CBS, sports dot com and has done. So for a long time, very very well college football playoff title game is tomorrow night, and Santa Clara. We'll talk about that some of these head coaching changes and a whole lot more Dennis Dodd at Dennis Dodd CBS on Twitter. Dennis Dodd joining me on the program right now. Dennis happy new year. How are you? I'm great. Thank you. It's good to have you on the show. Dennis before we get into the game tomorrow. I'm looking at a piece that that you just put up about three hours ago. That's really interesting about the college football playoff itself. And the headline is big ten advocated for review of the college football playoff protocol as early as a year ago. So give us the kind of net net on this. When you say that the big ten advocated for review of the college football playoff protocol. This doesn't sound like it's necessarily the big ten pining for a bigger playoff. But just that the playoff be looked at in a in a way that that they feel is more fair. Yeah. I mean, it's not it's not an application for expansion at all. In fact, the big ten is against that. Philosophically this your stuff tails off I guess the last month a lot of speculation about expanding the brackets all the commissioners are going to be tomorrow here in San Jose. And that's not going to be it may be an agenda item. Amac wanted to act on it more to Jim Delaney's, I guess opinion or urging that they look into again the protocol so four bullet point you can look it up on the internet. How teams are supposed to be evaluated head to head championships. One, you know, stuff like that look at the other two, but. It's all those back to the big ten champion being less out the last three years and. Jim Delaney wanting to know should there be more weight given to conference champion? I don't know how there can. Because this case if he did that this year, Ohio State with the end and then beat Notre Dame with the out. So it's really kind of a catch twenty two saying look he's asking for a review of a protocol that he and the other ten at the commissioners wrote and oversaw. So I don't you know, it's not like. Basically checking your own works. Right. This is like in the NFL when people appeal suspensions, and they appeal to Roger Goodell who gave this suspension down in the first place. You're right. They're they're checking their own work. How big a sticking point Dennis is it with these the conference commissioners in the powers that be the schedule, you know, that in the SEC in the ACC, there's only eight conference games. Whereas in the other power five conferences, they play nine conference games. How big a sticking point is that. And is there any way to get around? That bothers a lot of people. But it's absolutely not going to change either. You have to understand either ten little fight them. To compensate, especially the they all do things at different way. They definitely don't want to be told to do it the same way because the scheduling philosophy in the ACC is different to the one the big ten which is different than the one in the SEC. So they can complain about it all they want. Why in heaven's name with the SEC had accomplished game? One eight nine of the last twelve national championships. Federal only put their teams more at risk to lose a game be dropped out of playoff consideration. Just for one example, it takes I think about six years for an SEC team to play all the teams in its league fourteen. The big the big twelve to every year. You could see the problems here in the inequities. I don't think it's solvable by this there, there's probably this thing is probably going to go through the last seven years of the contract with fourteen. Tweak it in the middle of this thing. Like you're trying to do now. Dennis Dodd CBS, sports dot com. Joining me talking college football Dennis you mentioned Notre Dame. And they of course made the playoffs this year undefeated regular season. They don't they're not in a conference. They don't play in a conference title game. Any talk about a conference title and being part of the protocol. Notre Dame's on sort of a different island than everybody else. What's your sense on on Notre Dame? Like how much resentment is? There may be over. The fact they don't play in a conference play in a conference title game. And does that status for them, especially in light of how poorly they played when they've been on big stages like they did a week or so ago are they in any jeopardy here of their independent status hurting them at all? No, what's again, the people that wrote these rules from this protocol wrote it Notre Dame in mind. Welcome Notre Dame. You can't have a legitimate playoffs. Day. Now, you know, you you could talk about them joining a conference record on Twitter and making them. Question is a Roman put a gun to their head now. Born to happen. If you're going to have this playoff. You're going to have to have Notre Dame part of. For better or worse. Will they join a conference maybe someday? But I think the the deal with NBC goes through twenty thirty five or something like that. And they're buying those games. Finding buying Notre Dame scheduling brand. So no, it wasn't an issue until this year when they didn't have that. So data point obviously, the downside for Notre Dame, basically with thirteen point or conference. They basically have to win every game. Losing your out? We saw that late in the season. They lost USC. They probably would have been out of the top four. So there's a little bit of that. There's a lot of a lot of us. Come into no doubt before we get into the college football playoff title game. What did you think of the Dana Holger Sohn higher? You've h. Good. You know, I I guess Houston is trying to hold onto these Jews or trying to stay in some sort of discussion for joining a power five conference. But it's not going to happen. They got a sugar daddy. Titas Landry's restaurant group who throws good money after bad to his credit trying to keep his alma mater relevant. You know, getting paid three point seven million dollars with the PA getting out of town headed of posse of West Virginia. One question. What are you taking two point seven? I think you would have. That's the way they roll right now. Houston is a good coast. It'll be very offensive entertaining to watch. But Houston isn't going anywhere to a major conference anytime soon. Dennis Dodd joining me on the program identifies college football playoff title game before you get into the match up in who you think's gonna win this thing. The ticket prices had been a big story for this. I'm assuming are you in Santa Clara right now. Are you in California right now for the San San Jose about four miles away? But you're covering the game out there, obviously. So the is the the buzz locally out there does that mirror. What we're hearing about ticket prices just plummeting through the floor on this thing. Yeah. It just doesn't fit. I'm looking at my window. So I guess green space in the middle of downtown, San Jose. And it was supposed to be a big fan says it's raining, and there's nobody there. There's no buzz about the game. There's a party tonight. Back to just grabs the area. It's such a disjointed area. San Francisco's about forty five miles north between. You've got Santa Clara. If anything this region likes pro football, California, at least in northern California. College football. But look they bid on whether runs you know, that tourism board or convention euro bid on the game. And they won the bid not their fault. The two teams from the southeastern coming here. And that's the reason why just take. What do you think about the match up in this game? Obviously, Clemson and Alabama. They've they've met four times this'll be the fourth time in a row now that they've met the first time that we've seen Trevor Lawrence go against this Alabama defense. What do you think the key matchups are in this game? Well, gosh, we're talking about it for days. I think there are several. Alabama's going to slow down. Travis h he had to try to put it on Trevor Lawrence's shoulders. I you know, I I guess we'll see see becomes the second quarterback freshman quarterback ever to start and finish a game for national champion hasn't been done since nineteen eighty five. I think they feel pretty good about trying to do that. Alabama's secondary is underrated. They ever number three in passes defended this year eighty five. I think a key. That is Clemson is tied for fourth in the country of of long game pass forty yards or more than eleven several laws. We saw over the topic of Dame last week. But Alabama surprisingly good against that. They've only allowed. I think six game to forty yards through the air. It hasn't been the discussion about Alabama at all this year. It's been the best quarterback that they've had the best set of receivers. Eight had probably the best offense. Changing philosophies in midstream to accommodate to go off in RPO's. It's I I compare it to Tiger Woods tearing down a swing at the top of the game earlier in the century in itself. It's exactly what job. So I think that's one of the matchups. Clemson's do sets of line. They talked about putting too and a phone with just gonna have to be a really small kid has more mobility than maybe anybody I've ever seen. Carla Murray, that'd be great. I think they'll run more established to run against that defense because it helps them dropping back as as I. For three hundred yards. Because I think they'll make him more. Interesting. Dennis Dodd thrown out, the prophet there. I liked that prediction on the game. Dennis. Oh, yeah. I think Alabama win. It's a five and a half points. Like you like clemson's with the point match. Bats go down late in the fourth quarter navy a field goal game. Which would be really interesting because near these dangerous for very good at kicking field. That could be weird that that's a great point. Yeah. On the heels of an NFC wildcard game where we just saw the upright in the crossbar that would be something else. The national championship game coming down to Dennis Dodd at Dennis Dodd CBS. Give him a follow on Twitter, especially with the the national championship game coming up tomorrow. Dennis really appreciate you making time, man. Thank you, very much happy new year old to do it again with you. There. It is Dennis Dodd appreciate him joining he's been doing it a dentist dot he does a great job for CBS sports dot com. Good stuff. I'm I'm excited for the game. Tomorrow, I do have a little bit of Clemson and Bama fatigue. But the Trevor Lawrence thing intrigues me I'll say that we know Kelly. Bryant was just overmatched. Shawn watson. I, you know. I don't know that anybody's gonna write a better story of going against Nick Sabin in Alabama. I don't think any opposing players going to write a better story than to Shawn Watson did a couple of years ago where he took Bama down to the wire had maybe the greatest individual game ever against Alabama up to that point and lost. And then comes back the following year and beats them on a late. Touchdown drives them down the field making play after play after play throw after throw after throw. But I am intrigued to see Trevor Lawrence a true freshman, go up against Nick Sabin in Alabama should be fun..

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