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I did like about all the bastards. And I liked blackwater. A lot other battles have just been so uninteresting to me because it's just you can't tell what's going on. Yeah. I like those two as well. I I'm with you on hard home, not being I don't love hard home the way that a lot of people seem to love hard home. But I like I like him when the stakes are established and when there's crazy shit happening. I mean, it's a lot of this is a very visceral effect, right? It goes beyond. Just conception is just the horror and shock and thrill of watching. Unbelievable things happening and. Yeah, that that does work for me at least in some of the shot of drug on flying through the air with thousands of zombies falling off of him as he. Tries to shake them. I mean that was crazy. And just the way they were stabbing him was really like that was that was horrifying. So. Yeah. So basically, this is when we entered the last stand phases. Very drawn out sequence that for all the fact that I knew how it was going to end at this point. I pretty much figured that. The only people who would die where the people who are protecting someone else if that makes sense like during the last stand montage, we kinda put it in quotes intrigue as trope. No one's really going to get killed right before the, you know, the big events saves everybody like, you, don't, you know, Jamie isn't just going to randomly get stabbed during this. Or if he does he's going to survive, it's more like everyone has to look like they're about to die. And then as we saw the only people who actually die or people who are making a sacrifice for someone else in this case, Giora and theon. So this sequence just kind of cuts. How they should have died seasons ago, which is which is yet. Again, why it felt so I'm impactful because both of their time said come like like Giora had fucking gray scale that was magically cured somehow in that inexplicable thing, and then and theon has been through so much. I love the character. But like really he should like two seasons ago realistically. Yeah. Yeah. It's they're not the most impactful loss. Yeah. The crypts in the crypts that head start to come back to life. As basically everybody predicted. They would win the night king casts. His spell to raise everybody. He also raises the dead down there and everything totally goes to shit and everybody in the crypt starts getting butchered, which is horrifying conceptually means a whole bunch of mostly unarmed people who aren't trained fighters, though, I've believed that I don't know if any named characters die down there feeling the next we may find out about some people who died that we didn't know about. And it'll be you know, they'll find somebody's body. Like, we didn't see misunder made it through I believe Varis anterior and Sanga now, we would've seen them tie onscreen convince about that. I think there may be a couple of not only they'll be major deaths, but I think maybe padraic maybe Gandhari, maybe Misawa, I think there could be some people like grey worm finds misunders body. I think that could totally happen or pre end Padre buried under a bunch of corpses. And he's dead seems like that could happen to to a more minor. But. Still character we care about. But anyways, there's a lot of fighting happening down there. I really really liked the scene with Tyrian and Santa kind of hiding behind crypt. They just sort of look at each other. And they're both like fuck. I don't know. I was able to Santa no I like their like their interactions, and I liked both actors, and I think I like in a scene like that. I'm able to sort of put myself in their shoes and try to imagine what that would feel like I think that scene just did a good job of allowing viewers to do that. And it was clear like they're just like you could die at any second. I mean, if one reanimated corpse sees you you're pretty much dead..

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