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Podcast you can learn about on twitter. I don't think it'd be productive to spend too much time on the reasons. I'm leaving which will be obvious other than to say this. Now when he said well we obviously linked to the whole thing about like the deadspin. And how that fucking happen. I'm leaving which which will probably be obvious other than to say this when I think about what happened to deadspin dense when I think about what happened to deadspin bio builds in my throat after October. Twenty nine two thousand nineteen. It became clear to me that I could not work at this company for much longer. What I've always loved about this website is that thanks to the spirit of Gawker media. It's never been afraid. Simultaneous to be simultaneously serious and dump put another way. I'm glad that my final two articles here were number one a month long report into how work conditions at a video game company have improved as a result of public pressure and number two this which was one of his goofy stories. Here's something remarkable over eight plus years. It could talk you. I've never once been told not to write something because an advertiser might pull out or because piss off video game company or because it might upset the wrong people. The story always came first. Serving readers always came first. I'm grateful all the sources who have spoken to me over the past eight years. Some confidentially sharing things. They thought should be made public or speaking out about workplace conditions which takes serious cuts and others on the record telling stories about everything from randomized Zelda to translate old final fantasy game. My job has always been to inform and entertain people and that would not be possible without those who shared their stories. I'm also grateful to everyone who has read and supported us over the past eight years as a journalist is easy to fall into the trap of believing your work is beyond reproach but the truth is that comments corrections and feedback are what make us all better. I had so many great interactions with Catania readers over the past over the years whether it was in our common section prince back when it works or twitter. I'm on twitter or email or even real life events like packs and three. I hope you all continue following my work and staying in touch and calling me out full of it love. You could talk you deadspin forever. Press sneak fuck out now Jason's letter as it should be to Kentucky was saying Goodbye Talk. You what I found interesting. Is that after Jason. Put up his tweet Lincoln to this and talking about the new podcast up and actually why when I read to the next one blessed. Can you go to his twitter real quick and find out what the new podcast is called? It's called triple click triple triple click. Triple Click I think he. Everybody likes them structure. He also re tweeted this. It's an interview gene park over at the Washington posted with Jason about it so now. I'm going to read that article which gets more into why he's leaving in what we're talking about this deadspin go media stuff. If you didn't know Jason Schreier journalists known the video game industry for covering working conditions inside tight lipped game development studios announced his resignation from the video game news cycle Taco on Thursday citing dissatisfaction with the ownership and direction of parent company. Go Media Schreier. Who will soon take a position with another company? He declined to detail is the latest of several cocoon employees to depart the company while invoking go as the predominant reason. Kentucky owned and operated by Private Equity Backer of private equity backed go media since two thousand nineteen when it was sold by univision along with other sites formerly under the Gawker. Banner the site network which includes Gizmodo and the onion as well as the now defunct splinter to name. A few has gone through a serious a series of tumultuous ownerships and business changes most notably after the landmark. Hulk Hogan Invasion of privacy lawsuit that shut down its original ownership in twenty sixty quote. I've been through a lot with this company since two thousand twelve. We've been through a whole lot of management shifts and resignations and firings and drama. Shire told the Post. I've been through a lot of cataclysmic shifts because it always felt like through it. All we were guided by people who always cared about journalism and unfortunately I'm not sure that's the case anymore. End Quote. High profile resignations have played go media in the last year. The company staff has publicly clashed with ownership over how to run sites last summer. Deadspin lost its top editor. Megan Greenwell over the disagreements and eventually its entire editorial staff of parted or was fired. Schreier thirty two said his breaking point was when deadspin fired when deadspin fired senior editor. Berry for disagreeing with a management mandate to quote stick to sports which angered journalists on staff who would cultivate a reputation for aggressive off color reporting an essential eccentric Colin metairie. They argue it would betray. The online readership. Community bore out of their password. Trier wasn't the only editor to leave. Go media this week just Wednesday Gizmodo editor in chief. Kelly announced she was resigning. Excuse me he is. He is also only the latest in a series of high profile departures from pawtucket in December award winning reporter. Cecilia the ANASTASIO right. I can never say her last name. Oh yeah that sounds about right. Outta stays now Wrote a farewell piece taking shots. Go media's past decisions including the dissolution of Kacoos investigative reporting unit reporters Geeta Jackson and Joshua Rivera also resigned in January. The new management made it impossible for us to work year. That was a quote in a statement to the post a GOMIA spokesperson said quote. We thank Jason for his contributions to talk in. Wish him well in his next venture and quote. Trier said he's encouraged by how much games journalism. This is jumping in jeans article. By the way Schreier said he's encouraged by how much games journalism has evolved giving nods to longtime sites. Like gamespot quote. I watched a lot of growth in evolution over the years. And I've I've been really encouraged. He said I see a lot. More gaming sites Be More willing to rock the boat when it comes to game publishers. In the people we cover you see a lot less of the puffery that was prevalent. Twenty twenty five years ago in quote. Schreier said his biggest concern about the industry. Going forward was the lack of money flowing to games media sites many of which are relying on freelance writers quote. I wish there were more money in the fields. We doing the kind of reporting work that I think is really essential to keeping the gaming industry health and that the people in power in Games are held accountable. Trier set blessing. I've talked for a long long long long long long time. Have you did a good job? What what is your reaction on this good for him. Like I from the whole go media stuff going. That's been going on for a while but that really blew up late last year with the debt situation. Like I totally understand why Jason would want to leave and really like this is mainly Ongo media for mistreating. Their workers right like this happens. You Lose Jason Dryer. Who is one of the best in the business right now at doing what he does right like I would say Interrupt our best the gold standard right now from when we say man there is no view journalists. It always except for Jason Patric. And like you know you got on this list and I'm not taking a shot at Patrick into But yeah like you know. He was cited as goodbye by. Let it right. He was on who just broke the big old naughty dog story that went up on. Kotok this last month. And he's been breaking stories that are similar or the last few years. He's been doing a great job doing that right like he's been he's been the guy who has been allowing allowing us like lying like like gamers in the audience to have a more inside look into the culture of steals and understanding that culture looks like and in a way that's actually been enacting change like those are all talk about it like he's the one who wrote about the rockstar conditions right and then like he puts an statement right. This week has had enough. I guess yesterday right. Is that when we talk either this morning or yesterday and he talked about this yesterday when I was actually talking about how. We'll get to that in a second. That Jason is synonymous with Kentucky. I think that's what drives people to talk you. Yeah to have that. Not only 'cause that's the thing is I know that like for sure as we sit here and talk about Jason leaving I I'm Jason is a polarizing figure for so many people where I think you know I look at him as the gold standard for what video game journalism is right in terms of somebody who is out there trying to tell these stories and trying to put real span not really trying to put real world values to it right trying to take our entertainment goofy medium or you and I just want to talk about if this game good or bad and actually tell the stories of it right I give it a Gravitas. I guess but I also know that plenty of developers that I know People who work at studios aren't the biggest fan of him. And then there is this push and pull of people who aren't aren't or that because they didn't report fairly on their studios or something he did. It's obviously that's part of it ain't exactly right. That's how I was at the Columbia Daily Tribune. People really didn't like me because of the way I reported on the Columbia Housing Authority right like that is something that actually happens. And I think even if you don't like it in you're not happy with the report you have to respect the fact that he's there to do that and he's out there rattling cages and doing this. You gotTA respect that. He's out there reporting on pretty much everything as it's happening like I feel like for their outlet to know the percentage of Gateway Big Game Delays Happen But Jason Schreier was like there the night before hours before being be like. Hey look out for the last ones to delay. He didn't say verbatim but he I think before he did say something along the lines of like get ready. Some delays or happening right like. Yeah that happens all the time with Jason. Because Jason's writer has those connections and he has like he's built up such a good like a good system of of insider knowledge and contacts over the last however many years. He's been doing this that yeah like he is the best in the game right now and so the fact that go media and Kotoka losing him. That's a loss for them. Like that's I. I'm curious to see how Kotok moves going forward in terms of what they're like. They're big pieces of content art because without without Jason. You're missing out on a lot of those big scoops that I think Mako talk you valuable that I think Mako talk what it is and of course like they're still talented people at at at all. Dryers Jason. Try to listen yesterday because I think this is all tied into The GM stuff too. Did you hear the or read about this here yesterday? Ripe were talked about you know. Gm coming on and making this big posts. About how like Oregon the features that were key to our relaunched last year. We're stopping doing because we just can't keep going that way and that sucks and we're worried and the post it wasn't that GM was closing down but it also made it sound like we don't know what is going to be. I think this is why Jason came up yesterday when I was talking about. This is that I feel like when you have a tent pole personality. Who's doing something that's different in the industry or these doing better than most in the industry you have a reason to go there and have them be that in with Jason. Leaving it does get interesting of. Don't get me wrong Stevens. Doing great stuff over there Mike does cool stuff over there. Like there's there's a cool things happening on Kentucky I'm not trying to take shots Taco but I do wonder then. Yeah what is the big driver to GET PEOPLE TO ATTACK DOT COM? 'cause outside of the show where they do the amazing job of having the best roundup of what comes out every day for with their and check on like. I was mostly sourcing talking for stuff like this where I'd be going over there and finding and then I'd read Jason's article and then some of the click on it like. Oh this is news because I could get roped report that way whereas losing your main draw to something. Why are you going to that site? And why wouldn't I get whatever I clicked on Daca from Jian from gamespot? Whatever and that's not to say that everybody's doing the exact same things but a lot of times. The things that would apply to this year would be yeah. I think Jason is a big part of what made Kotok special right like having him there and having an MBA be be the one to break stories like the rockstar thing. Like the like the night. Log thing You know like the the whole visceral games. Yeah Visceral Games with everything. Right laying laying out that whole story. Be The one to really dig it. I think he also did tell 'til right like he did a wholesaler on. I believe he did a whole talkative. Who wrote it? And I don't Wanna I don't WanNA credit every amazing thing. 'cause you mother fuckers but like a lot of the big stories..

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