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Laughed at applause mr cameron and apparently spontaneous moments invited the south korean president moon jae in step back with him briefly into north korean territory for another handshake and that was the start of day of smiles hand holding even a hug as the two men walked around the demilitarized zone planted a tree together and had lengthy one on one of the station then they stepped up to the microphone to announce what had been agreed i president moon to really be no moore and new area new era for me would be operable and we've suffered so much that season and will establish in kiss by ending the war and wherever this is sky or ordeal end to hostilities will be stopped and this was kim jong un in a rat live speech in front of the world's media when we met it's hotter we we realized that we cannot be separated we are one nation we are leaving next door to charter there's no reason why we should fight each other we are one nation and all entire nation i should live in kiss and we should pioneer future ourselves and one language one nation one blood la correspondent rupert wingfield hayes spent the day on the border between north and south korea from where he gave me this analysis my takeaway from this is that a lot of this was very much planned and agreed in advance and that it has been a pretty brilliant piece of political theater particularly arranged by president moon but kim jong earn has played his part also rather brilliantly he has been very charming he's looked relaxed he has certainly looked like a statesman and not like a scary dictator that talks apparently.

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