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The upset. Welcome. To painting corners, your weekly Bod gas or all things baseball. Now. Here are your host Austin Hartsfield, and Dave Witkowski. We're gonna start at the catcher position. Definitely not Grayson Grigny is definitely Grayson Greiner. What I saw an article in bless you boys that said that Ron Gardenhire in December said they would probably be the Sar starter kinda give me the profile on him. And what the future is like behind him. And is there hope for the catching position in the future? Yeah. I mean, I think overall there is some hope for the catching position Grayson Greiner probably represents like a future backup though. I don't even remember exactly what round gracing Greiner or or as we like to call third. Sorry. I got it in front of you. Oh, yeah. Gray song Greiner was let's take it in. So. Yeah. You know, he was never really looked at like the guy who was going to come up and be necessarily starting catcher. And didn't really, you know profile like that in the upper minors. You know, he can hit a bit. You know, he looked like your prototypical. This guy is gonna get overpowered by major league pitching. But probably can can be serviceable and is pretty decent defensively. So there's not a whole lot to be excited about. And I think a lot of us were a little bit surprised that the Tigers seem kind of dead set on giving them the job this year. But most of us really really had come to just just loathe having James McCann as our starting catcher for for many reasons. And so everyone was kind of okay moving on. But but yet, you know, Greiner, really. Probably should be a backup to the air. Incumbent who is going to be Jake Rogers who the Tigers got back from the Astros in the Justin Verlander deal in between those two places. The Tigers have kind of stockpiled a lot of guys who are twenty nine to thirty one or a little older. You know, they've got John Hicks who has never really been a starting player in the major leagues, but can can at least fake it behind the plate. And as a decent bet for a catcher, and they picked up like catcher Sanchez and Bobby Wilson, you know, big time fans of the sport. Will remember those guys because they've you know, they've been around quite a bit. Neither one of them is really a major league caliber catcher at this point. But the Tigers did get those two guys for depth. And so potentially, you know, one of those to come up and kinda spell things if Hicks just really can't get the job done behind the plate. But. Yeah. Overall in that that's kind of a bleak picture, and we're all really waiting for for Jake riders who, you know, baseball prospectus has their, you know. Basically their values that they would you you know, and their statistics that they would do for the major league level. They haven't for the minor leagues. And Jake Rogers was like six war player last year at Erie at the AA level and most and most of that is defense, you know, just about everybody. I've talked to will tell you the Jake Rogers is the best catcher the desk catcher in the entire minor leagues right now. And so the tires do have that coming the questions just kind of revolve around like is he going to have enough bat, and he's kinda got like this high leg kick. He looks a little bit like Mike Napoli at the plate. He's kind of you know, kind of take some hacks and has a distinct uppercut swing, and you know, the Tigers being the organization that they are. They don't like uppercut swing..

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