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West Palm Beach Pembroke Fort Pierce. From ABC news I'm Richard Cantu firefighters. In northern California say they're getting more containment lines around the massive wildfire. Burning near reading evacuation orders are being lifted the scope of the damage, coming into view the number of missing on this fire is now. Up to nineteen but the sheriff here warns that, in many cases somebody, is reported missing but. They're actually fine just haven't talked to a neighbor. Or loved one they might be at a hotel or staying. With a friend six people are confirmed dead on. This fire ABC's Alec stone detection Bank fraud trial of former. Trump campaign chair Paul. Manafort opens tomorrow it's the first criminal trials stemming from the special counsel probe into Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen, election Republican senators including Richard. Shelby of Alabama say, the government shutdown President Trump is threatening unless he gets border wall. Funding isn't necessary none of us were shut down the government Democrats or Republicans, no one wins I, think the American people. Expect us to do our job should federal government's. Fiscal year ends September thirtieth supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh picked. Up a key Republican senators support Senator rand Paul. Had previously cited concerns about Kavanagh's record on government surveillance but. In a statement Paul. Wrote that each nominee quote must be judged on the totality of their views character and opinions and that he had reviewed, the judge's entire record comment. With cavenaugh last week, where the two talked for more than an hour alley Rogin ABC. News Washington activists in Minneapolis promising unspecified consequences After prosecutors. Announced there would be no charges against two white Minneapolis cops. Who shot and killed, thirty one year old black man Thurman Blevins carrying a gun while running from police, another demonstration already, planned for tomorrow afternoon family members of firmly believe their loved one did not have to die here in this alley they believe this is murder ABC's, Alex Perez you're listening,.

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