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All immigrants regardless of legal status now orange county it's going to be the key battleground in two thousand eighteen both at the state and federal levels democrats are hoping to pick up several us house seats in the in the county which did vote even though this is always been considered a conservative county did vote for hillary clinton in two thousand sixteen for the first time in decades this traditionally conservative county back to democrat so the democrats are salivating thinking who i can pick up some house seats here but but the state has its own worst enemy in this particular case why because of things like these sanctuary state law a lot of people who were leaning more moderate are flipping back to their conservative roots going had you know republicans are backing that recall of the state senator josh newman from fullerton we've been following this closely because of voting to raise that gas tax the ballot initiative to repeal the gas tax hike could also bring republicans out to vote big time in orange county where in the two thousand sixteen presidential election in orange county a lot of republicans stayed home because they didn't want to vote for trump feelings of change there now little bit according to polls and the immigration issue is likely to fuel turn out even more so proponents of the loss alameda legislation argued that the state was forcing local officials to defy their oath to the constitution and then a new ordinance was faithful to the rule of law and again as i've been saying all along read the california constitution read it read it read it there's one little telltale line in there that says all laws created by the state of california and i'm paraphrasing here simplifying don't mean squad is not really written that way win mirrored up against the laws created by the fed federal laws will always trump state laws in the state of california that's what it says in different words of course and i would suggest that those individuals that created you know fifty four were not even familiar with their own california constitution the governor kevin daily on the rest in creating that or they didn't give a rat's rear end most likely it's the second part of that not the first i'm sure they know what the california constitution says they just don't care and they don't give us enough credit to understand what the california constitution says.

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