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Know to see what what had happened. Well actually I know somebody on the fan club. Oh this kitchen stands. But that's no way to treat somebody that you know pays money and how would you like it and I'm just like you know? Just tell them historic example of like at any moment you know with people jumping around like somebody can look at it like. Oh this is aggressive. We're all having fun. I mean so. I don't know like I said nobody got hurt. And a large part these things police themselves so you know whatever yeah. I remember being at an ex PX. I think it was when they played warped tour one time. Now that we're talking about mosh pit stories and stuff I remember. I believe it was warped tour. I was watching Mex- PX. They had to stop in the middle of their set because some dude kept trying to crowd surf and he was like completely wasted so he tried like this guy tried like three or four times and finally on the third or fourth time. The guy you know fell off from trying to crowd surf. And he didn't get back up so they love. They like stopped mid set because they were like worried about this guy like like is is he. Okay what's going on? And then of course. The paramedics came and everything but yeah it was pretty pretty serious but yeah it's I mean we the people coming up on stage it you know. It's a fine line like you're saying you know someone can take it as elder just having fun than the next can be like well. It's a little too much you know so it is It is and it depends a lot on every show and you know all the variables involved like. I'm a huge huge fan of hardcore and I go to a lot of hard court shows and I've been to a lot of hard court shows where it's just kind of violence especially the ones that went you like as a kid back in the late nineties early. Two thousands I've been to others where there's a strong sense of community and people are looking out for each other and they're being crazy but you know there's absolutely no worries are concerned because you know people are in their element but you know if you were introduced like gnarly like hi dear to a situation or you know a barricade or you know aggression or whatever. I mean dude. It's like it's a fine line between what's having fun which I'm all for. You know I come from the iphone rock scene and all of that but but but at the same time like chicken definitely go wrong and that's why again. That's why that story is so funny because like I had no desire to be in that position. I had no desire to like mess with anybody or ruin anybody's good time and the next thing. I I know like this like famous bond. You need to show on like Whoa. Whoa you know boss you know what would be great is if he remembered that. And you know next time you see on. He's like hey you're the guy that needs to chill. That would be hilarious. I'm I'm positive. You will never remember. No but if he did that would be pretty remarkable but yeah it's hard. It's most likely that that he wouldn't but well let's get back till it's over bridgeport. That's a great story. I'm really glad I finally got to hear it because I've been thinking about it like every time I see you pop up on my social media pages. I'm like oh I can't wait to hear the Mike Herrera Story. So yeah the new record better. This way it's available for preorder right now correct. Yes okay. So what's the link that we need to go to preorder that record? It would either be life over.

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