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Will say that the seat heaters has been one of the great inventions of the automobile industry in the last decade or so. So. I mean, there you go. We could have gone that way, but I think the hot butts portion of the show is sponsored by angels in the outfield on VHS. Jeff's raiders well now we're into the lightning is round and we are starting with the chiefs who I mean, they just smash the Raiders in this one and even though this has been a very lopsided quote unquote rivalry, they played fairly close games recently, but this was a 48 to 9 chiefs win. And I guess the big story is, I don't know, there was emblem stomping, stepping, dancing. I'm not quite sure what that was that the Raiders were doing before the game, then after the game, the chiefs did the they played wheels on the bus on the pillowcase as the Raiders were leaving because the Raiders, if you don't in the backstory, the Raiders when they upset the cheese last year, did victory lapse in their bus around arrowhead stadium to celebrate. So yeah, just a lot of pettiness here. And that's delightful. That was one of the best few people I think can operate with such savagery as the stadium DJ because I doubt that that person falls under the purview of the public relations department. If you're the stadium DJ, you're probably a bit of a wild card, right? Like I've never met. I've never met a stadium DJ. I don't know what a stadium DJ. Their day to today responsibilities are like or how much they think about things going in, but to have the wheels on the bus, queued up. I mean, the only thing that would have been more perfect. And obviously, this is a different world. You know, John Gruden got let go before this moment. But to have John Gruden like scowling like that, you know, walking off the field when it was playing. But we didn't get that. We didn't get the truly perfect moment there. But we got something very close. Because now the Raiders are like plucky. Now they're fun, you know? And so it's almost like, oh, that was kind of mean. 'cause they're not jerks anymore. You know what I mean? Like, all the jerks are gone. So it's a hard situation. That was a classic Connor reaction. I mean, it wasn't interesting game, though, because the very first play of the game, the chief defense comes up with a big play. Continuing the unexpected turn that the defense would be the team lifting up the chiefs over the last few weeks of the season. The offense also performed well, but the defense really was the spark that let the fire today..

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