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First of all, I love how many listeners we still have in Australia. We are very pro Australian podcast. And this is not the first Email we've gotten requesting Australian NBA power rankings. Yeah. I was gonna say like, we're pro Australia. But you know, who's more pro us Jillian than us. All of us wanted to talk about the players at you every Email. It's great. So do you have any takes here any thoughts? Well, if he's going to phrase it like this with best Australian-born player in history. It's it's gotta be hiring. Well, we're not saying who's the best Australia who's the best person who's like ever stepped foot there. I mean, if you're saying Australian-born, and you're looking at Kyrie Irving who hit a finals clinching three pointer and is going to be a hall of Famer gold medallist. I mean, I think he's the guy who's got to have it. Right. I guess so I don't know. I mean to me claiming kyri is a little bit too, desperate. That's a, but if you're if it's Orland or something, and you only have Thaba Slifer losha or pretending slowed us slowdown because you want you were begging for free air delis on this podcast like go. So, you know, if you were Austrailia, you would claim no Australia has a real NBA culture to be proud of. I wouldn't claim some random outlier guy who is technically born in Australia. I wouldn't craft the question. So that I could include Kyrie Irving, Australia has plenty of awesome, NBA guys. And I mean, Ben Simmons is probably the correct answer. I think if we're being technical about it. But even the Australian guys don't really rock with Ben Simmons that way. So I don't know if I would put him on top of the power rankings either slowdown. It sounds to me like you're forgetting about Patty mills could break off dribble who could hit a game winner in your face and who would play such. Advocating defense on you could not even dribble the ball across half court. Well, that's my answer. I think it has to be what I think it has to be either Joe Ingles or Patty mills or age or how do you miss his entry bogus that good one? 'cause he's also a champion. I'm trying to think of this in terms of like most accomplish. Because I think that's where Simmons falls a little short. If we answer this question in three years. I think it's pretty clear. Just my official answer would be one kyri to rate. Australia can't claim kyri they have to be prouder than that have some dignity, Android. Like, an Iranian nationalist here. But like come on. I don't mean to be pedantic edge you, but that's how brats question was worded. So technically, my answer is going to be kyri followed by I'm going to go Patty mills thinking with my heart, then Andrew bogut. I think that and then Simmons that's my top. Okay. Yeah. I'm going with bogut, Patty mills Joe Ingles. And then I also think Andrew Gaze and Luc Longley probably deserve credit. I know a lot about Austrailia basketball because I kind of like followed that team while I was at the Olympics in Rio, and they were by far my favorite team, and really my favorite athletes across all sports. We can't we can't put gays into this conversation, though, Anju. Yeah. And also he picked by with me on Twitter over their sportsmanship during a fever basketball. Wait, a second to rewind. You were complaining about Australia's sportsmanship during a fever tournament. That's what I heard from that. No. That's exactly what happened. I mean. They were intentionally giving up like why doping dunk? So they basically tanking as a team because it was going to give them a better seed, so they could avoid the the United States. And and basically like Dante Exum was just dribbling the ball. The top of the key for like thirty seconds on their offensive possessions. Like, they weren't even trying to create good shots. They were just letting the other team score. And I put together a post very diligently breaking down how they tanked with Jif and everything else came in. It was shameful. Enjoying Andrew Gaze came at me. And he was like denying it, and they're wound up being a FIBA investigation. I can't tell you how that investigation went. But there was there was other rival players like Goren jogging were offended by Austrailia behavior in that tournament, and I have never forgiven Australia for that, even though I love you guys down there and Andrew Gaze cannot make..

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