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Know Jerry Taylor told me about you and Senator Hookup USA riding and with you something to that effect shorter much shortages. You've made sure he was gonNA ride around with us. He was getting with us and he was adamant about it and it was like you know He. It was very sure of what he was doing when he came into the wwe. I was just pretty pretty admirable. Good Front anyways. Fake it till you make make it. That's it hunters. Biggest pet peeve. Oh I don't know probably not eating. Yeah that'd be like you know what I mean you know if 'cause flair would the way if we were all travelling together flare still says. He spent more money with me on food than he ever spent his entire career on booze which is an impossibility but like flare Blair is one of those people that like each a little bit in the morning maybe some in the afternoon but then he has this thing where like why can't eat for like however many hours before why wrestle and I'm like six hours before wrestle. Yeah I'm not kidding. Like six hours. And then of course afterwards he wants to have a couple of drinks one eat right away. Because that'll kill the buzz of the drink right like dude. I can't go that long without eating. So you're going to have to sit with me and eat so yeah. He's probably the peppy. Beat not not eating regularly. What was Shawn's been angry very angry? Yeah Sean kind of go with the flow guy. I don't know that John have a pet peeve. I think maybe just people being disorganized and not doing the things that they say they were GonNa do. And and that kind of stuff I think it was one of the things when when stuff was all over the place or if you're riding with somebody that Constantly changing like well. Let's do this instead. I don't want to do that anymore. You just have a plan and stick to it so I think it's why we got along so well on the road. Yeah is it. Hey You WanNa do this tomorrow. Yeah that sounds good. That's what we did. We drove in the more than we did this. We went to the gym. We went eight. You know just regimen pretty regimented. Schedule what would sean have done for. Career had not not ended up in. WWe Jail One more time going to thank my very very special guest triple h and Shawn Michaels. I won't see it till next year so have a happy new year. ATB We'll be back in twenty twenty twenty and for some inspirational words to close out the new year. The great philosopher. Clark W Griswald said at best Hallelujah. Holy where's the TYLENOL. There's some holidays then. Go Watch Christmas vacation if you haven't yet I know it's late but better late than never make sure you follow out after the Bell L. on instagram twitter and facebook. Join the conversation using the Hashtag after the bell. If you're using an android on spotify stitcher Pandora Google podcasts gas..

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