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Crime never takes a day off and now they're just park asked follow follow today and true crime for free on spotify and anywhere else you listen to podcasts now back to the story mic nora and ellen murphy were brutally murdered on the night of december twenty sixth eighteen ninety eight from the very beginning of the investigation when police were communicating poorly and making many mistakes these mistakes continued when police sergeant errol called a doctor to the town of gettin australia korea to perform the autopsies in the early afternoon. Dr von las berg arrived in the small town by train on because gotten was too small mall to have its own doctor von loss berg came from the nearby city of ipswich took him some time to find the bodies of the victims they had been move move to a room in the brian baru hotel where the autopsies were finally performed around three pm. Dr von las burg's first examinations were performed hurriedly and superficially. He failed to detect anything that was not obvious from sergeant arizona observations. If found that ellinora had been been struck on the sides of their heads there were scratches on their lower bodies and they had been bound tightly by the wrists before the murders he also determined that they had both been sexually assaulted. The doctor did not examine any of the internal organs of the victims. Though the existence of many deep scratches on norris norris thighs suggested she had been violated by multiple attackers von loss berg did not include that in his official report mix was the third body to be investigated. He had sustained head wounds similar to those of his sisters in addition. His genitals were swollen and there was semen found found on the inside of his trousers. It was not clear what may have caused the presence of bodily fluids and thus the doctor ruled the emission had occurred post mortem mortem. However mixed pants were unbuttoned when he was found and his shirt was tucked into them yet. There was no fluid on the lower part of his shirt. It's it's thus likely mic was also sexually assaulted in his shirt tucked in afterward. This possibility was ignored by the doctor and the bodies were given the okay to be varied william mcneill the murphys brother-in-law organized and paid for the funerals likely as a gesture of compassion to the family. Mr murphy was apparently still too distraught to make any arrangements himself. The next day december twenty eighth the service was held. The entire town was shuttered. Ah flags were flown at half-mast people flocked in from the surrounding areas to attend the funeral all in all they were around a thousand people there twice vice the population of gayton. A small community had ground to a halt the murderers were all anyone could talk about after the funeral. The investigation negation proceeded slowly inspector record arrived during the service too late to examine the bodies for himself. After a week of limited police progress a reward award was publicly offered for information leading to the capture of the killers. The amount was staggering one thousand pounds worth around one hundred sixty sixty thousand dollars today a pardon was also offered to anyone who assisted in the crime or had knowledge of it beforehand as long as they were not the murderer themselves. Unfortunately early on investigators did not receive any useful tips. They were left to wonder amongst themselves about certain aspects of the case like the cause of mcmurphy steph doctor von loss bergh originally declared that he had been killed by blunt force trauma likely from the bloody branch aero found at the scene later. He claimed to have suspicions that mic was shot. It was established that there was definitely a gun at the scene as it was was used to shoot the horse because the confusion could not be cleared up. Inspector urquhart made the extraordinary decision to exhume the bodies and perform a second a second autopsy. The murphys were originally fervently opposed on religious grounds one. Thanks to the intervention of the local priest they eventually assented wanted to avoid public outcry. The operation was carried out in secret at three o'clock in the morning on january fourth just a week after the burial so this is unholy. If you had been thorough during the first examination we wouldn't be in this situation relation. How dare you you try examining a woman without mrs murphy wailing in your ear. It wasn't possible. That's enough complaining. We haven't even gotten the hard part yet. Was mrs murphy really wailing well no but she was certainly sobbing and interrupting me as often as possible. It's as if she paid no heed to the investigation at all as a matter of fact the murphy family has been entirely uncooperative as of late they flat out refused to lend any officers. Is there horses. We had to hire them from the other townsfolk. Every family grieves in its own way. Perhaps the second autopsy performed by a dr ray with dr von loss berg assisting came to very different conclusions than the first dr ray believed unlike von las berg that the victims had been laying down rather than sitting up when they were struck. He also believed a left handed man had dealt the blows on the most most significant finding was a bullet in the skull of mic murphy. Apparently he was struck in the head. After the bullet was fired obscuring during the entry point of the bullet which vaughan loss burke had missed while investigators took in the new information. The murders continued continued to be the number one topic of conversation around town. No actual witnesses to the crime came forward but several people reported hearing gunshots when shots that night one woman who lived on the property adjoining morons pasture swore she heard a woman's voice screaming something that sounded like the word father you're vicious. Rumors were concocted based on the story. One of the most defamatory was that the murphy daughters had incestuous relationships with men in in the family but there was no evidence for the claim besides them mysterious yelling one or the other popular theories was that william mcneill was responsible support for the killings. He had a clear history of disagreement with all three of the siblings giving him a motive. Even some in the murphy family suspected him mm one investigator police sergeant to me claimed patrick and danny murphy both told him they considered william a possible culprit but neither of them were at the house on boxing night. Patrick was riding back to the agricultural college and danny was in brisbane where he was a constable. The murphy's who lived at home were the ones who furnished william with an alibi a most of the murphy saw william at nine p._m. The night of the murders as he headed to bed but but mrs murphy's stayed up late tending to granddaughter she went into poly in williams room and turned off a lamp around eleven pm. According to her william was in bed with polly's sleeping soundly at the time of all the murphys. It seems least likely that she would be the one to lie to the police she she didn't get along with william mcneill just like the rest of the family with mrs murphy's testimony. Williams seemed to have an ironclad alibi but still for patent. Danny need to have suspected william then. They must have felt it was possible. Their mother was lying to protect him if she was lying than it would have been possible for william to sneak sneak out of his window. While everyone else is asleep that night then he could have conceivably written to the more in pasture and caught the siblings on their way back from gadsden but if william mcneill was not the killer it was hard to find someone else with motive mic. Nora and ellen had all been respected within the community..

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