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And you had a chance to visit with our buddy trent dilfer. Obviously this is a fun time for us. Because i feel like we get a chance to see these young quarterbacks grow up in front of our eyes. And so what i would like to do is go back to twenty seventeen to the top guys that came through the process process. Trevor lawrence justin feels. Let's story trevor lawrence when you first laid eyes on trevor lawrence. What did you think he was a sophomore or freshman highschool care member. And i said i'll be here was a kid that already was mature beyond his years obviously was a great athlete but was also pretty clean. You've been coached very well. In georgia by joey king had developed well had played a lot of seven on seven and already had played a lot of football level so he looked like a man even when he was fifteen sixteen years old and is he went through the process. He only grew bigger and stronger. More powerful than than honing his craft. And but the thing. I was the story about trevor. Isn't the physical stuff. It's the mental stuff. Is the competitive stuff i i remember at the opening of the year he was there. He was a sponge with. Craig nall one of our coaches who played seven years in the. Nfl was bugging him late at night going into his room after hours and asked him to teach more ball is a kid that loves football. He loves to learn. He has zero entitlement to him. He has no ego as team. Above self guy so he checks every single boxer is to check as a prospect. He was checking back near seventeen years. Old i mean. I remember seeing watching them at the opening scene. This guy could go to an nfl training camp right now and throw one one throw routes on air and look like an nfl quarterback. You know it's funny that you talk about that. I just think that remember getting tough for him. A little bit at at the opening in the finals. What did you discover and watching him. Go through some adversity as a young person. What's the biggest thing i look for. Be quite honest with you. Ally base a lot of my evaluations respond to setbacks We look at it in game with an acronym pace plays after critical flares Study that really hard and in that environment a camp environment or high school football game environment of practice environment off the field. A guy can be a knucklehead off-the-field and housing respond to that after the fact. So i think it's i think that that evaluation has a lot to do with their long term success. Because you're gonna have a lot of setbacks. you're going to have a lot of adversity. It's not what happened to you. It's how you respond to it and then trevor's a guy bit whether it was the old venetian whether it was not winning the final game of his high school career. Whether it was a setback at clemson he's always been a guy that bounces back. Better the next opportunity and that's really what you're looking for him and tom. Brady's a lot of interceptions he's lost. A lot of games is a lot of stinkers bad series..

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