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Chicks right Instagram chicks on right Facebook chicks you just can't, find us on Elon Musk's phone No Gone contraband now we need to talk, about, oh morose Her husband has just been hit with a fifteen thousand dollar lawsuit by. Their golf and country club property, owners, association Over there down yonder in Jacksonville And that's because they apparently suck at keeping up, their home and their swimming. Pool which is full of mold and it's, all gross and, it's attracting mosquitoes and it's disgusting and they. Also have a really crappy roof so because this is one of those, like upscale neighborhoods there in Jacksonville the people that. Live in the neighborhood or mad and so now the whole association, is is suing him not her. But him for fifteen thousand dollars so they also want like gr-. There's a bunch of dead grass it. Needs to be taken care. Of there's a lot of stuff there's a lot of mosquitoes that are going to, be? All infested in the pool right you're tainted about this. Whole thing because he. He. Is he's filed bankruptcy twice okay and I don't understand how this. Works, because I've. Never filed bankruptcy yeah I don't I don't understand that either because I don't understand how you get to, still have all the nice. Thing and this is my thing I don't understand how you file bankruptcy twice and then you end up. In a three thousand square foot four bedrooms six Hundred, fifteen thousand dollar house and. You have like a forty five thousand dollar car can somebody please explain how this works because I'm going, to do, it I'm? Going to do all of this I'm going to do a really good thing to do because what's the point in paying your bills and doing everything right when you can just file, bankruptcy twice, and not pay. Your bills your house? Keep your car what did he keep I'm gonna go buy a. Six hundred and fifteen thousand dollar house my I have a sixteen six hundred and fifteen. Thousand or I'm gonna go buy. One and this is this is my this is my point and then I'm gonna. Have a forty three thousand dollar. Car I'm going to go. Buy one this is what I'm saying what is the point of doing everything right when you can file bankruptcy twice and go get a be a deadbeat. And then go do all these things somebody, please, call, our hotline at six. Forty four four four and explain this. Explain. How we can do this. Ourselves yes at one I don't understand I don't understand how you can do. This, because this is what he's done yeah back in two thousand thirteen because he had. Filed bankruptcy, then in two thousand thirteen most recent. That's his most recent filing he owed Owed. One point two million dollar in his salary debt has salary. Is forty eight thousand dollars a. Year this is what I. Don't understand and does she not could does she not contribute to their household in any way with her I million three point five million is her net. Worth right but that's what it is, right, now, because, she, has a book. Deal I don't know what it was. Before, I mean granted no no. That was before that's not counting the book this they're expecting that number is. Going, to shoot I rocket because of the sales of her book okay so and they. Only got, married what a couple of. Years ago Yeah. Okay so. This is this. We're talking about this dude because that. Was the house that he? Had with his ex wife he got the house right so that was his house so he'd married Omarosa they, got this this house sixteen six hundred and fifty thousand dollar house doesn't. That make you wonder though like if. Omarosa like, when they get hit with this lawsuit is she like you're, on your own I mean. How does this even work I have no idea still has? All these debts do you not help out with that like you're? Married to the guy. Now I I I don't know I? Don't know how that works in their marriage I don't I don't know. This is this just blows my mind. I know is, that, I, I don't understand. The bankruptcy thing like I don't get how that works because if if you. Can in America you can just file bankruptcy and. Then. Just go by bunch of crap willy nilly will sign me up That. Sounds like a really, great? Deal yeah just get all. Your debts forgiven and. Go get some new ones, I mean that just sounds wonderful doesn't that. This is what people do apparently? Sounds like winning the lottery now Omarosa I did not know? This there's a couple of little factoid? I learned, about Omarosa she also is? An assistant pastor at the same church a husband. What preaches at and nomination and she? Lists her home as his home so. I mean, she if she's. Listening in his her home I I would assume. That she. Takes care she. Wants to contribute to the home apparently. Not taking care of it? No she's not at all and she used to date Michael Clarke Duncan the green mile guy big huge guy, before he died of a heart attack in two thousand twelve which I. Have decided to blame her for I just feel like I can legit That's legit I'm on board with you because I. Don't see how she couldn't have contributed I it's either that or all all the locus coming. Out of his mouth during that movie Do.

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