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They are as clueless as they are do have faith that justices coming for them. But we have to keep up the pressure because our checks and balances are strained. And it's the power of the people the power of the grass roots, which is an essential check on their power and ensuring that Justice is served. Yeah. Absolutely. And on that note once again, we need to push for hearings. You know, if you look at Nixon, and of course, you can't make a direct comparison because this is so so much worse and bigger than what Nixon did. But you know, what transformed American opinion was public hearings was being able to see the evidence brought. Light and have people make up their own minds. And I think that that's the only thing that's fair to everyone. It doesn't matter who you vote for it doesn't matter. What party you're in? You know, you are entitled to that information. You have the right to know you had the right to know before the election. And so I think transparency is always the enemy of autocracy. You know, there are countries around the world. I mean, you made a movie about famine, and horrors and Ukraine that were long denied and that journalists helped bring to light. And you know, what I studied who's back STAN for a large part of my career, you know, one of the most closed insular and brutal governments in the world transparency is what they feared they feared having all those crimes laid out in the open not necessarily because of repercussions because it wakes people up. It makes people think, you know, what do I deserve. And you know, big come up with the answer. If I don't deserve to live under transnational crime syndicate mass graves. As a government that has absolutely no respect for me or interest in my welfare. And so if anything even if he's not impeached just for people to know the truth, that's a tremendously powerful thing. Gaslight nation is produced by Andrea Chiluba, and Sarah here, if you like what we do leave us a review, and I tunes it helps us reach more listeners and check out our patriots. It helps keep us going our editor for this Carlin. Diggle original music and gaslight nation is produced by David Whitehead Martin Vison Berg, Nick Farr, Damian Ariaca and Carlin Diggle are phenomenal logo was designed by the genius that his Cambridge Smith at the New York. Face design firm order. Thank you so much damage gaslight nation thinker supporters at the producer level and patriot page Harrington Awa Nicholson, David porter, Dominic de graph Georgia ran Collette Jared Lombardo chasing, Bainbridge Jodie DeWitt, Joanna Markson. John John Ripley K cotton. Kevin Garnett Lorraine. Todd Terry Brady. Andrea Cina vei on gently Khosla and Marshall, Mike. Baylon Katherine Anderson Corinna, Cathy Kavanagh arena. Guardia Ethan, man. Janet Cox chase Tarita Jennifer Slavic, John damn, bro. John keane? Joy Christine, Kevin Christie Mellon, Lawrence Graham. Luke stranded. Lynn sanchez. Margaret mo- few Copeland. Mike trip ago. Rhonda white rich cross Sonia. Donovan Steffi Rosca pulps. Thank you, all so much. We could not make the show without you.

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