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They're not going to get sold an open-source thing because there aren't people Mom eating an open source solution at a price point. That schools are going to buy although the admin tools play a big part being able to control access to stuff and being able to determine wage Um, you know, which features are enabled and disabled are things that are just missing from most Linux distributions. So it's just not possible. I would love to comment on our website Kudos are making a bun to Marty 2004 for the Raspberry Pi for however, I was disappointed that unlike these other distros Urban to lack to significant features booting from USB devices and overclocking via boots are these features actually missing from a PIN to mate or just suck didn't way to configure them. So let's start with the first one USB booting in Ubuntu 2004. It is not possible to boot from USB devices bit because we're using new boot as the bootloader in 2010 The Groovy. Gorilla. We are making the change so that we use the Raspberry Pi Foundation bootloader. And therefore you will be able to boot from USB devices in 2010 and onwards we're not going to be back porting that capability to twenty years. Cool, so hopefully that answers that question and with regards to overclocking. Yes, you can certainly do that. You would put the same overclocks into the office configuration file that you would place in there for Raspberry Pi iOS or any other distribution. I've done that successfully. I have mine overclocked to 2.1 gigahertz thousand seven hundred megahertz for the GPU works just fine. The location of the file is different though in Ubuntu. It's in slash boot slash firmware and you'll find the configuration files in that location re so I left a comment on our website you spoke about a shop called little and I was wondering what kind of store this is. I've never heard of that but you will seemed to be familiar with it and then Stewart enlightened me by mentioning oldie are Aldi and Lidl German stores. Now, I understand however little is dead. Sounds like the city leads a rather long. I like Lidl you're not going to get me to change that it's middle and how that's all in the same thing with the slogan is they'll say something like big on summer little on price. Yeah, it doesn't work when it's legal on price. Yeah, the sign just outside. My local says just a little further. So they have very much embraced to that pronunciation. Sweet. Finally turned oil left a comment on our website. I wish you would reply to comments it rarely happens. This is a reply off basically touring. Yes, you are. Correct. We we don't often take the time to read comments on the website and respond to them on the website Thursday. We do however discuss in telegram quite a lot and that's all of your wonderful feedback off. And that's all for episode 24. Thank you all for listening. We will see you all next time when will have Community news news events, maybe who knows each other stuff..

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