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But now over. The nazi believed that defeat of germany was inevitable to the east. The russian army was fighting in berlin while to the west. The allies were advancing to italy. America's seventh army including the one hundred third. Infantry division was advancing on innsbruck from the west. He wasn't an idiot now. He was looking for a way to surrender to the americans rather than to the red army. Hopefully get better treatment. He ordered the gestapo to bring mayor to him. Meanwhile the gestapo is looking for hans wynberg. They brought fred meyer long for their raid on april twenty second when they reached the home of the farmer who quartered winberg if found the spare parts for the radio extra equipment gold pieces a chemistry book and three chemistry textbooks that winberg had been reading the gestapo investigator that interrogated the farmer and his nineteen year. Old son pressing them for more info and they confess saying that they did know fred that hans and franz had left the night before accompanied by mayors girlfriend. Thomas murray The gestapo quickly tracked down. Thomas murray and threatened her with execution on the spot barking leads to the radio. Operator or we or you will be shot confronted directly by his girlfriend and top operative mayor leuchter straight in the eye and According to legend winked and the example didn't catch on and she understood what to do and she bravely led the officers on a wild goose chase on a fruitless chase around the mountains for about five hours frustrated believing thomas murray actually couldn't find winberg. The gestapo didn't make any arrests they didn't kill her then then evening in full defined to the gestapo the village of Winberg was hiding in. Did something truly extraordinary. Some sympathetic villagers went to local. Church prayed frederick. Mayor would be delivered from the clutches of this dapo. There in the heart of the third reich built around an ideology of racial hatred. Austrian villagers are praying for jewish by pretty cool very little known historical moment meanwhile franz weber and hans weinberg. They take our winberg. They take shelter in a nearby farmers house on april twenty fourth. Nineteen forty forty-five to three days in captivity. A man comes to fred. Mayor sell wearing a military uniform. Now fred's rough shape this point bearded and bearing the visible bruises. A torture wearing only oversized tunic..

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