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Singer would stevie after college right. Yeah so they will not graduated. Well i had one year left at morgan state university. Okay came sing with the choir. For martin luther king celebration that we did every year every year he would come this. Martin luther king celebration birthday celebrations so when he was there my best friend already started working for him like a year or two before and he was looking for an alto voice so she asked him because he wanted me to move to california as of she accident. Could i audition in mile dishes. Which was audition with something else. I was like i'll never. I'm i'm graduate cows like i'm gary star low. Reagan made it was like. Oh my gosh. we're kind of a. Yeah he was playing. You know frigid scales miscellaneous like they going on and i had to counter. Counterpoint is like what in the world learning school but it was hard. It was hard it could you know it was just hard and i was nervous and the stevie wonder and like he like you don't know man's ears incredible like you know you don't want beginning mistakes account stuff so I asked him if i could finish this one last year this last year school and give my parents my degree so i can feel good about going to california and just my life and he thought he was a cool idea so a year later i literally called him like graduate and i was like steve kidnapped. Please i you have any work. We not some finish school. And i said yeah. I'm working on a sprightly jungle. Roger cancel that selected i. The first gig is absolutely amazing You know of course the music is always thomas fantastic and so it was an honest with Career like that. It was crazy. That's awesome now. Was that around the same time as things were brew brewing over with Incognito over in london or sell up to long story short When i was out there in california stevie had has prepared for brazilian tour and used the of course you know more older experienced People who have been with a full washer say right and not older but in the sense of age but older than they've been here for a minute and use them to go on to announce wasn't invited in also so hurt. But i i just i had to get some worse i worked. I worked at the warehouse. Music store in la. In north. hollywood. I worked at the may company i taught voice managed to grow group. I did everything. I could just to survive on him and that was not that long. I guess when. I stopped working with him moves prior to september. And then i worked. I was doing some bridge. Bryant a single bridge bryant. She called me one day and said i'm her friend. Steve harvey drama from scotland needed Adjusting put his tracks. That will fit believe Msce messy harvard. As worked with him for a while he called me one day said mesa. My best friend in london is looking for a new american. Singapore is band. Are you interested. And i was like yeah i mean i heard woodward so i went to a musoma day and i looked up Jocelyn brown saw. Always there. And i was like i like this. This is this is what they are. I didn't know who they were. But i just thought in a move in london. That's crazy. I would love to do that. You know so. Listen to the music and stuff in realizing the worst of i was really excited. One day boy called me on the phone. I was working to make company I came home sick early. Because i feel well so He called me and he said you know if you're trying to call you wanna know if you already to come to london audition muslim. Yeah he said we talk. Just talking have a conversation about music and i told my love funk and i didn't know they will jazz band so he was happy about that and we long discussion about music. He asked me to sing. Don't you worry about a thing. And he said can you say again and chase the kids singing again and i did. And he's a cool manageable. Call you next week was scheduled you but the next morning This was saturday on woke up the phone in the gut. Said stephen king's name was He said mesa. I don't know what you're saying the boy last night. He's losing you got gig. So we're going to bring you over in the next week or two and i was like what next week to like. I have a whole apartment in la clear out. But i went for it. I just got a round trip ticket and just went to london. Wow okay so tell us tell us about that so so you got rid of your apartment. Yeah i got rid of my problem within a week and a half a packed everything up and it's in a ups home to baltimore. Parents and I just left. But i still had Raising this is that. I got to lax. And i had like four suitcases stuff. Pack was on live. I know anything so the stuff like food. I didn't know what was going. Sounds like my first traffic. I get it. Yeah yeah so they will be hungry. I was like oh gosh. i didn't have any money. 'cause i spend money packing up and then i got to the airport. I had hundred and three dollars and they charged me two hundred dollars for the extra baggage. So when i got to london and it got to customs and they saw the estimated a million questions one of the questions was. Do you have any money. And i was like I don't have any money right now. No kid twenty. Four years old. And i said i don't have any money right now but the mandate blase gonna give me some. I get here and they were like. That's that sounds like a movie. It was it was insane. It without you know. I'm writing my little memoirs but and i very much like the soyuz because always such a you know just green didn't know i was like oh my life is by the chain like living the dream. So here's my dream come true. Some great moved to london and all that kind of stuff in the customs. People like on So doubted his room and they checked all of my luggage. And i guess they figured i was doing some drug thing. I don't know what they thought but they I mean i you know i saw office in baltimore. The wind was popular. I don't know what was going to say. It was weird so they wanted to a cavity search. And when when they were about to the late. I'm wait wait wait wait wait. Hold on. Hold on. Hold the phone. Did you say what i think you said. Yes they wanna do a cavity search. Yes that's how dramatic this whole thing on your person your physical body cavity so they had a female officer come in a big a big gigantic jeremy lady. She was used like a seventy tom and she came in and shoot. Okay i'm nervous. I'm nervous house now. i was crying. I was trying to talk to please come from like. I don't wanna do this and i. It was crazy. I knew his name's blue. I didn't know his name was john-paul money. I didn't know anything about him. So i just said blue. And there's like that's not a real name i need. We need his full name. I was like. I don't know who is so i was taking so long. It was hours. So i was thinking so long to come out of the airport that blew a came in and take a look because i knew i landed. They knew i was there so they called the The cause people automated and but she put a glove on right as you put a clever. Does she do like the little snap. Like she puts it on guys on. Come on come on. She did the snatch. Slow this thing on and i lost it. I was like no. I was crying like tune into somebody goes out. We've found louis. I felt to the floor. The slink down by the move. I was done. I was done like my whole body was just like done. I was so scared. Like i'm not taking my clothes off. Let him take me to jail there. Taking it back to america today like you know. You're not you're not coming into our country. You don't have any money you come to see. We don't know anything about you. That had nothing my.

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