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And you got run over by a tractor. Yeah, Raymond mizaj, there was no alcohol or drugs found in his system either he was there with his older sister who probably still feels guilty about it. The other guy who died was Richard byler. And it's like, man, that's a real bummer. Still not bad for half a million people, and I saw it compared to buffalo, New York, which at the time had a population of about the same as the number of people who came to the Woodstock festival. And over that same weekend, that same period of time, buffalo, New York registered 40 deaths. There were only two at Woodstock, and I can tell you Buffalo New York wasn't entirely on acid over that weekend either. Well, but there were a lot of olds, if you factor in age. Sure. That's true. Wait, oh yeah, that skews it the other way. Still. I know. It's a wash. There was always the rumors of the Woodstock baby too. And in fact, at one point in my life, I thought that would have been a fun movie to write. And I think I worked on it for a little while, someone that finds out that they were the Woodstock baby. But there was not a baby born in the crowd at Woodstock, like the legend has it. I think someone was airlifted and had a baby and then when was it a car maybe? Yes, on the way there. Yeah. It's a no true Woodstock, baby. But still would be a good movie, I think. So what did the protagonist in your script feel? Was there like they had problems with being the Woodstock baby? Well, yeah, I mean, I think the obvious thing to do was make them like Alex P Keaton. Yeah, and Alex B Keaton type. And then what he turns into at the end of the day, they find free love in the end, of course. You could write that thing. It writes itself. Martin moles the quintessential hippie. That's right. As was Maxie asger, which is not true. He did not get flipped to movie style into being a hippie, but he did get sued by his neighbor, at least one neighbor. I think the organizers and the guys who funded the thing ended up suing one another. There were various lawsuits over the years, but max asker ended up selling his farm, moving to Florida and died there like a year after he moved. But he addressed the crowd at one point, and it's really a really great clip. This kind of conservative farm guy got up in front of 400,000 people plus and said wait, wait, can you do it as Eugene Levy? No. But he said, you know, he said, I'm used to addressing 20 people, much less. This many, and it's about a minute and a half, but the one takeaway is he said, I think you people have proven something to the world. The important thing that you've proven to the world is that a half a million kids can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music. And I God bless you for it. Very nice. Pretty good stuff. And happy trails to you. He said, I hear not one fight broke out. His name is just a nickname. Look, I'm just glad we didn't get into another argument like we did in the, what was the episode we did and we were like oh, I don't know. Recently? Yeah, yeah, remember I was saying something you're like, yes, I'm saying the same thing. Oh oh, yeah, what was it? That was really recently. That made it not even be released yet. No, I don't think it has. Okay. That was a fun one. All right, well, you got anything else about Woodstock, man. I got nothing else. Good one. I mean, the briefest of overviews for such a big topic, but I think the thing is pretty good. I agree. Since chuck thinks this episode was pretty good, everybody. That means, of course, it's time for listener meal. This was just something I thought was great. Hey Josh and chuck, I recently introduced stuff he should know to my 7 year old son, John. He loves you guys, says even adopted some of your phrases. Regularly telling me not to yuck his hem. A few weeks ago during some of your somewhat off topic banter, he asked me if you guys were married. And I said, no, you know, they talk about their wives all the time. And he paused and looked confused and he said, no, I meant to each other. He said, I laughed and said no, and the next morning, while listening to the show, he said, daddy, are you sure those guys aren't married? And he is convinced that because you guys get along so well. He must be married to each other. That means Tom and his wife must have a good marriage. Sure. Now he asked me that every time we listen, which is funny. So keep up the good work. We love the content of the show and you're on air chemistry. Even if you weren't married to each other and that is Tom from Baltimore and his 7 year old son John so hey John, we're not married. Hey John. If I were gay, you could do a lot worse. Aw, thanks, man. And I often think about having your beard rub against my chin once in a while. You're like, I prefer my guess a little more fit, but no, I like something to really kind of grab onto and I'm hugging and kissing. All right, well, we could have a good time then. Hey John, thank you for creating this weird conversation. But thank you for writing in. That was one of the most adorable listener males I've heard in recent memory. And thank you very much for listening. If you want to be like John and Tom, you said too, right? Yep. And right in to us. You can do it via email. It's tough podcast at iHeartRadio dot com. Stuff you should know is a production of iHeartRadio. For more podcasts, my heart radio, visit the iHeartRadio app. Apple podcasts, or

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