Oregon, Pennsylvania, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Okay let us continue doug salem oregon the great go hey love your humor i'm sure everybody else does sorry about ten back there in pennsylvania that my ex is back there he can hook up with her but let's get back to the point our old buddy paul ryan remember on the inauguration that he was prancing around gleaming and stepped after our president won the election and now a year later he's bailing out on us because he can't even follow up on what he promised to reduce all these entitlements and even basic step why why are they not only fun planned parenthood but give it the biggest budget it's ever had the point is i totally congruent you can greet i totally believe you're always in the right i just love what you're saying and when you have a budget that big you get me wound up and that's the best thing about your show and i'm sure everybody else remember where i'm calling from and it's it's a that's a beehive out here such lousy politicians in oregon it's just grotesque that's brown got a governor and i'm from the capital which is it's a travesty here and i was born here and there's nowhere else i can go and i've worked in some of the deepest darkest pockets of hud and i can tell you story after story and it's just it's just it's just phenomenal why people don't have kids the mark levin show on wcbs him if you'd like to be a part of a maryland heritage event join us at the.

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