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I'll tell no one was the strap line tell anyone and keep secret don't reveal it reveal what happened people turn up that had this experience have great time. They go home, and they'd be sworn secrecy yet swollen. Secrecy is now especially even more important because we do much much longer runs. The idea is that you know, you don't feel anything that's going to happen. And then, of course, the evening, it's something that's secret. So until the next production, and then when meets again, but now, basically what we have is secret cinema presents which is where we reveal the title been the location, which is current production mood, I Rueda's secrets cinema. Tell no one which was lost year. Dr Strangelove where we took over an old paper factory and transport people to this base. And then they wouldn't become of. The war room became world leaders deciding whether we're gonna Russia, and it was at the time when time timely. Yeah, we we we actually stayed secret cinema. Tell no one strange of because of Trump and as warning. And actually, it was all over the content on the screens that surrounded the audience and was convinced some I just had a feeling, and I was put on this big show in some respects as a reaction to that kind of mad reality that now in he'd online getting political. I mean, I feel that culture coach political culture drive. I think the way that we live in the culture that we're in has a massive points. The player, I think Trump is dominating culture right now, truly on every single. He, you know, he just he just talks to rubbish. He's fooling everyone. I think it's extraordinarily dangerous. Fitter is Trump is back to your theater. How do you choose the productions because you have some you've had some? Really powerhouse thing Star Wars back the future. You've we'll I'm Rouge. Is it all you know?.

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