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It to those who love the grind run with us on a John Deere Gator you if you're searching for the perfect parking spot conducting a few performance reviews we're just killing some time by the water cooler there's no second in command like a Gator UV it's got a hefty payload capacity a smooth riding suspension and the power to tell more than a few office supplies nothing runs like a Deere search John Deere Gator for more hi this is Kelsey Grammer when military service members head into battle none are expected to face the enemy alone but many returned home and become isolated as they struggle with the visible and invisible wounds of war it can be difficult knowing how to overcome that challenge and rekindle bonds similar to those formed in the military what a warrior project supports these injured veterans through their recoveries by connecting them with fellow warriors and their communities no one should fight this battle alone join us at wounded warrior project dot org never wait for weather the storm teammate forecast at the top at thirty past each hour on news radio WFLA it feels pretty comfortable out there this morning but temperatures warm up quickly we already hit eighty by lunch time in the afternoon high of eighty five is obviously well above average but staying below the record high which is eighty eight plenty of sunshine no rain expected today in comfortable through the evening with an overnight low of sixty eight another warm dry day tomorrow at eighty four there is a ten percent rain chance coming on Wednesday in the voting forecasted a south wind becoming southwest in the afternoon at five to ten knots I'm news channel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann the UV index is ten right now mostly cloudy seventy two degrees in Saint Petersburg sixty five in Brandon and sixty seven major severe weather station newsradio WFLA next update at six fifteen on Chris strike ban there now for your informational cast of players Jack Harris and Jacobson Katie Boutin Natalie a quelli you're listening to A. M. Tampa Bay well you got it three force right as Katie is back with us again and Tom Ponzo and here for Erin who's taken the day off but you are welcome to join us at any time at eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two can't wait to hear what Lionel is going to be talking about here at seven twenty makes me look forward to Mondays just to hear from him but first of all let's check in with K. along and see how traffic is faring here this morning well Jack we're looking pretty good from the losses on traffic center we did have a crash reported on I. seventy five northbound at Bruce be downs but it looks like it's already out of the way we're seeing no delays.

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