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Now thirty eight degrees at three thirty I'm currently was top stories tonight California this again is still trying to figure out why a teenager pulled a gun and shot two classmates fatally wounded three others the latest now from CBS news CBS news update it was a sixteen year old boy who investigators say pulled out had gone out of his backpack at a California high school and shot five of his fellow students two were killed the suspect in the hospital for students who witnessed it always silent and just check us a minute to process like with that we need to run Cain X. ready is John Baird from the school in Santa Clarita it prompted a massive response but investigators say within approximately sixteen seconds it was over and the gun was not displayed before that one mom pulling up to drop her daughter off at the school found the students screaming yelling and crying holding each other's hands and I screamed at my daughter to get back in the car immediately we got out there as fast as we possibly could police searched the boy's home as they sought a motive for the attack which seemed to target students at random the suspect appeared to fire whoever was in front of them he had no known connections to those he shot CBS news update on that paper Amazon pro testing the Pentagon's decision to award a ten billion dollar cloud computing contract to Microsoft citing what Amazon calls on mistake a bot unmistakable bias in the process Ian share is editor at large for seen it and says this will likely end up in the courts us so much about Amazon verses Microsoft although I'm sure Microsoft happy to have ten billion dollars in Amazon is angry that they don't but this is more about how does the government decide on these contracts that are worth billions of dollars and also have follow on effects down the road that is what's really at stake here now care only traffic and weather together looking around Dallas for worse not.

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