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Fad expert witness mark allen a professor of strategic studies at johns hopkins university in the united states spent a decade working at the us department of defense i was focused on trying to understand what the future looks like but in particular what are the wars the us military might have to fight a difficult job oh pretty pretty tricky mara collins to tell us why a war between saudi arabia and iran would likely bring in the us on why that would be a game changer we need to look now at the persian gulf that lies between saudi arabia and around and suzue men on the narrow stretch of water which separates the sea from the gulf of oman is cold the strait of whole news it's a hot button place for the united states frankly it for the world because you see so much oil traffic going through it how much of the world has a deep interest in this city anyone who uses oil does every woman yes so walt could happen in the strait of hormuz news i could imagine the iranians lang mind so the iran in military has a couple thousand minds and it really what so convenient about mind dropping is it's very easy to do i don't want you to picture like a massive ship that we need to quite obviously throw a bunch of mines into an area instead you could have fishing boats dropping the mind so a mind as just lane there and when you're ship goes over it it explode the would close the strait once you have a few mines laid you have to assume that there are many many more and that would be a dramatic turning point this becomes an entirely different conflict the minute some things happens in that strait of hormuz if you see the strait of hormuz security and stability been impeded potential closure immediately the united states will become involved zero 700 where operating in the northern arabian gulf impositions united agrees one one decimal twodoor who who the us navy and it's hassles could science i mean we're talking less than an hour at most less than an hour oh absolutely where all these jets while they're all across the gulf the.

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