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Housing and helps them get a job thank you very much for your than action aj with a translator for american forces in afghanistan for nine years including a visit by them defense secretary robert gates he talks about how helpless you feel coming to a sprained country there's no want to help them no one to welcomed them and they don't know what to do everything in the country's starbucks and lift partner with nol b four years later shinwari has a steady job and owns his home since 2013 zeller's group has held 5000 translators and family members come to the us but he says more than fifty thousand more are trapped for those folks that are still waiting in afghanistan and iraq is this a matter of life or death this is absolutely a matter of life and death if we don't keep this promise the people that we ask them to help us fighting answer going to murder them sellers says whether we keep faith with combat translators will send a message we'll this country protect or abandoned people who help us in future conflicts if janice had not believe that we would have kept our promise he wouldn't have served with us and i wouldn't be sitting here talking to you today i've got p t s and as far as i am concerned helping my brother come home and start his new life in america was the most healing thing i've ever done to learn more about zeller's group noone left behind please go to our website fox news sunday dot com now this programme node be sure to tune to.

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