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Right. Hello. Ago to my favorite murder, the mini. So we read your shit back to you. Are you ready for some emails from your co listeners? Yeah. Your friends your best friends, your best friends that are here to tell us wonderful long lost family stories personal stories. Total made up lies whatever it is done murder hometown murders. Right. That's what it was all based on, you know, fun stuff. Here we go. Are you ready? I'm ready. You wanna go first this time? No, I don't wanna screw this. God forbids, let's not break it. But if it's already fixed, right? It's so fixed this way to fix this subject line of this one is my dad found one of the victims of the machete murderer. But fucking didn't tell me for twenty six. Hello from the airport. I flew home for new years to spend some time with my family one night, some friends from college came to my parents house for dinner, my friend, and I talked about different serial killers. We love in parentheses. You know, what I mean for a solid forty five minutes at the dinner table before my dad decides to chime in. He asked has the podcast that you like, Don, Juan corona you did that one right which one was that one. I think okay. We said that we didn't think so as it had as it didn't sound familiar. I asked why he asked about this one. Specifically, he talked for a full few minutes about the guy before casually mentioning that he found one of the bodies. Oh, I know this is this was this was brands hometown. Yep. Exactly. Right. Have to stop saying that now company correct, Georgia. He then carried with this conversation without going into any detail. I sat there shell shock for a few seconds before shouting hold up start from the beginning. And tell me everything apparently in the early seventies. My grandfather was testing the water in aquifer blow orchards in northern California. And my dad helped him dig holes in said orchard one day. My dad was digging a hole came across a human hand. My dad and grandpa apparently were more noise than freaked out because they had to stop digging for the day, they went home. That's so they're fronting. They went home and called the police who came and dug up the rest of the body. It turns out the body was one of the twenty five workers that one corona aka the machete murderer killed in a four month span in nineteen seventy one that's the guy that he would kill the migrant workers and buried them in the orchards, and nobody could trace them their money and should. Yeah. My grandpa then. Made up joke. Business cards with quote, sorry. I missed you one corona on. I have no idea who he gave these cards too. But it's the only funny thing my Grandpa's ever done. My dad swears he's told me the story. But I guarantee I would've remembered my dad finding the body of serial killer victim, stay sexy and never dig holes in an orchard that only God or missed you want. I wonder how many untold bad stories are waiting to be told to murdering at this very moment. There's I think bottomless goal mines of. That's right. That's panther. So quiet. That's men are raised to keep it all inside. And should we were? She ate it. I mean shut up. No, one cares. But however, okay share your feelings. Okay. This is called one of beauty school student in encounters a serial killer. Okay. Readings all my name is Sarah. And I live in San Diego. I actually just got tickets for your January sandiego show for Christmas a couple days ago, and I'm so excited. I'll be gone with my mom who the story is about. Guess what happened last week the other day is so much fun. It was really really good up San Diego. We could feel her presence. We could even though his San Diego. Half of my childhood was spent driving up California coastline and spending entire summers in northern California. We know of Napa Valley where my mother is from. It sounds like bedlam. Sorry. She had quite a few crazy stories about her time in northern California. And my favorite one is this when my mother was seventeen or eighteen years old. She went to beauty school in map of alley. It was a small school that was located on a small one way street, and if you've ever been to a beauty school, you know, that nine times out of ten they have a huge one of those huge glass windows that are Florida ceiling so people walking by could look in C student doing hair and possibly come in as three month. Beauty school dropout. I agree with you. You're you get this. I'm here to cooperate this. What did you learn did? You learn anything that you still remember a little bit. A little thing do finger waves because it was the nineteen twenties. Apparently never updated their school shit. Right. Start with the basic, right? And then just a little bit. I can still cut my bangs pretty pretty well. But that's that's about it. Okay. My mother was always positioned at the very last chair right next to the window one day in the middle of a sunny afternoon. What seemed like the entire Napa Valley police force and surrounding counties forces descended on this very small very tight little one way street from old wreck shins their cars pulling up onto the sidewalks and sirens blaring across the street from the BBC school this and forty feet from where my weather with standing next to the window. There was a phone booth twenty minutes. Earlier zodiac killer had called the police from that phone booth. Oh, my fucking God needless to say the police went in every shop and questioned all the people inside. But no one remember seeing anything or anyone of significance. I always tease my mom that it was the one lone male beauty school student snuck out the back door and went around to make the call. Maybe she said that they have seen similar to this scenario in Karen say rent movies, though, that doesn't mean. Mean much since he was always calling and taunting police. So I'm sure that was in amalgamation of different phone calls. Looking to seeing you next month already happened. I can't wait to get rid stories. You come up with Artie did them always Sara God. I don't why that so exciting to me because if she had looked up at the phone booth, which she probably didn't just didn't. It was nothing that I was normal dude with crewcut and those army issued black Frank Laver ninety ago amazing. Yeah. Write this down. Yeah. You wouldn't also I'm thinking of the city of Napa in. She said it was the seventies. Right. I think so. Yeah. Yeah. So it was like well down tiny like this is pre wind boom. So Napa is just another little Burg over a hill. Like, it's not big at all. I just I it's like weirdly starstruck. It's not healthy. Okay. That's what this podcast theme. It's not healthy to be star stroke starstruck. Okay. This subject line of this FBI rate at my neighbor's house two weeks ago. My god. Hi, all my name's Claudia and sixteen year old listener Claudia go to bed. Hi claudia. I love Taylor swift too. I have always been interested in true crime. And while listening to this podcast wished I had a hometown murder. I could share that will change two weeks ago. When my neighbors had their house rated by Lucien that'll change. Okay. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Typical sub in a typical urban neighborhood two streets down for me is the most expensive house in Raleigh. The houses in my neighborhood are very modest and nothing fancy. So this mansion is out of place being at the end of the street with old dirty townhomes. Here's the story an older Russian couple. Couple lived in the mansion with their also Russian housekeeper housekeeper's husband and son. The wife was having an affair with the housekeeper son. The husband found out and hired a hitman to have the sun be kidnapped taken into the woods forced to admit. He was having sex with the wife on video and then be killed. Holy good. There's a lot of other that isn't important, but basically the murder plot never went through the FBI found out and rated the house and the couple got busted for money laundering and a ton of other charges. My dad also told me that they had an apartment downtown filled with guns. A little tear downtown sorry. This doesn't make sense. My neighborhood is. It was perfectly written Honey, I know sixteen-year-olds doubting yourself, but you. My neighborhood is full of other crazy white people like the cute young couple. Everyone loved who are busted for having a secret twelve year old daughter locked in the basement that they had been physically and mentally abusing for year. Holy shit. She buried the lead Russian I one this is the fucking, oh, my guy my next door. Neighbor's car is also been broken into three times while everyone was sleeping. So maybe it's time to move. Please don't move away without your parents. Claudia don't do it. Love the podcast and sorry. This Email was so long. I've other fund ghost stories that I will send in separate. Mel if you're interested. We are say sexy move out of your country club neighborhood, cloudy. I love it. Amazing. Stay at the pot office if you want that's right. Okay. That was great sixteen year olds. Send us your stories. We want to hear from you and go to bed now, go to taste and covered and cooking oil a first responder story. Oh, no. No. Yes. Dear Karen, tortoise, an animals, my boyfriend was a first responder for some time and among the numerous wild calls. He's encountered this one by far is my favorite my boyfriend worked as an EMT at an ambulance company in Milwaukee. Wisconsin one day he was stationed downtown and he received a call for a taste person upon arrival. He soon came to realize there was a bit more going on the Justice as ING. Yeah. In the entrance of an apartment building. There was a female lying face-down wearing a crop. Top and booty shorts arms handcuffed behind her back and covered head to toe in cooking oil. No, no, what site to see at eight in the morning for some reason. I feel like dousing yourself and cooking oil would be a nighttime activity. Hey to each his own. That's right. Everybody has a different gym or oil. She had been she had just been taste and first responders called to transport her to the hospital for medical clearance before she could be arrested. Okay. So the handcuffs were from the cops. Oh, good. Okay. She had been taste by them right now. She had to be checked. This was all a city a city ordinance ordinance based tasing minus the cooking oil is the thing that probably wasn't the cops. Yeah. That that happened before the cooking oil dousing was personal. And it's and it's probably reason why she was taste. I'm sure yeah. They were those that that interplay d- the reading xactly. Let's see this brought up the task of moving her to a cot to transport her in an ambulance. Good luck. This is normally easy task. However, the woman refused to move and was covered and cooking oil. Boyfriend said their gloves were just sliding off her body they needed if you extra hands to move her. Then it turned into a porn. And ended up taking six oil covered. Individuals to get her on a cot and strap her down essentially how to yank her up by the handcuffs how? Yeah after this ordeal. The first responders hands uniforms and everything in the back of the ambulance was coated in oil boyfriends that they had to return to the stations out quit before their next call because they couldn't use any of it due to being so greasy. Hopefully, this woman got the help she needed and won't have to cover self in oil again for who knows. What reason might has no idea what she was getting arrested for why she looked like she just came out of a deep fryer. Stay sexy and keep the cooking oil in the kitchen Kelly. Embarrassing. If you just if you're just trying to do a super moisturizing. Yeah. Treatment conditioner treatment. Everyone's like put put coconut oil all of yourself. And she's like, no one time. I do get interested at one time. I you I get into a fight with my neighbor that while I'm doing right which would have happened. No any at any time. I just happened to be my. But I was especially worked up because I was covered in oil. Right. Yeah. Insane. I thought my fear it sounded so much so much more horrible. I thought they came upon a woman who was handcuffed laying in a way having been taste like that. It was separate. And she was by herself. No horn. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's yeah. It's not that. It's best case scenario. It was it was a cell foiling. Yes. It was be you be proud. Yeah. Oil it. Okay. Yeah. We're fine. We're fine. I'm talking about. Okay. Ring in the new year with a new hair care routine for Madison Reed, Madison Reed is hair color reinvented. Giving you gorgeous along quality color delivered to your door for less than twenty five dollars. 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