Jerry Jones, NFL, Steve Kerr discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


He has chimed in on the on the nfl national anthem policy that as i discussed at the end of our number one has certainly misfired on the intent that jerry jones said at the owners meeting prior to the announcement of this policy that the intent was to try and remove the nfl from the front pages and the political talk and zero the focus in on the field again that's not happening so far i'll tell you that steve kerr says quote on the new anthem rule typical of the nfl appealing to their fan base basically just trying to use the anthem as fake patriotism nationalism idiotic into that i would just respond that there are parts of the fan base that do not feel they're being appeal to with this that's painting the fan base with a broad stroke but in all that that's just maybe just nitpicking on some details the nba's had a policy on the national anthem for a couple of decades now i believe it was instituted in the early nineties late eighties what was the actual year would you mind looking that up for me chris moc buddha dul raouf as we all know formerly known as chris jackson he was sitting during the national anthem refusing to stand during the national anthem and that created a major stink let's not forget our history here that created a major stink now i don't believe that stink was amplified because what you're was it if seen it over there i haven't seen gentle.

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